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Sugar Corporation, Metahara Sugar Factory Hereby Invites Eligible & Interested Bidders for Supply of Different Materials


IFB NO. 01/MSF/20

Sugar Corporation, Metahara Sugar Factory hereby invites eligible & interested bidders for supply of:

  • Lot I – Hydraulic oil Pump Spares, Hilo crane Hydraulic oil Pump spare, TB unloaded low speed and High speed motor, Agro-Chemicals, AFT-C/C1 N1-F25 Excitation module for power turbine, Furnace Tubes, Gear Box, Water supply materials, Gate & Globe valve, Hydraulic Oil pump spares, Hilo crane Hydraulic oil pump spare, Mill Roller, For works poor steam turbine spares, Spare parts for water set pump, Super heater tubes, Pressure Sustaining valves & Burner Y-jets Spares ,Hydro flume, Air Blower ,Various Chemicals, Production Chemical, Production Chemical, Agro Chemical, Agro Chemical, Agro Chemical, Deep well pump with motor, Packing material, Various metals, Chain wheels & cane cutter for FCB, FCB Milling Spares, Jefco cutter /Grinder spares, Pump Spares, OC. Filter and Dorr Oliver spare, OC. Filter & Dorr Oliver spare, Mixed Juice leather, CRYSTALLINZER, Mechanical circulator, Main diffuser Spares, Spare for bilua universal Precision, Vibrating Sugar Screen Spares, Vibrating Sugar Screen Spares, Pump Spares, Vacuum Pump Spares, Welding Electrodes, Various Bearing, Oil Seal, Cane Knives, Hydro Flume, Wheel Spares, TB Mill Turbine, Twin lobe air bower, Atlas copco Air Compressor.
  • Lot II – Caterpillar, Dresta Spare parts, Power Plus Grader, Power Plus F/L, Bulb, Mitsubishi Hyester,Actuator, Sprayer, MF Disc Plough, Agritraco Disc Plough, New Holland, Kawcco,Meidema Spare Parts, Sonalica DI-90 (R2), Runsome Plouph TD23A, Mobile Welding Machine, Versatile, Power Plus, Power Plus bull Dozer, Power Plus Grader, Sonalika Tractors Spear Parts, Power Plus, Power plus loader, Reynolds  Scraper-D1/02, Sonalika Tractors Spar parts, Meidma spare parts, YTO Tractors, Case Tractor Spares Air Compressor, Spare parts for kowcco cess pool, Same tractor =Laser 150,New Holland T9020HD, Same Explorer spare part, Doosan  Diesel & Generator, Mobile welding machine, Power Plus, Power Plus Excavator, Reynolds Scraper D1 /D2,Kat Tractor, Power Plus Loader, Power plus, Power Plus Grader, Versatile, New Holland, New Holland, Kaweco Cesspool Spare Parts,MF, Meidema Spare Parts, Tyre, Tube, Bulb, Bearing, Tipped Profile & Internal recessing tools, Agritraco disc plough, Rome Harrow, Cat part, Cat part, Caterpillar Part, Case Tractor, Ursus, New Holland, Sonalika D190,New Holland, Reynolds Scraper-D1/02, John Deer Tractor, John deer grab loader 2254 Heavy, Power Plus, YTO. Tractors, Doosan Diesel Engine, Same Tractor laser-150, Kat Tractor, Mobile Welding Machine, Volvo front loader, Volvo Grader, Power Plus Excavator, Power Plus Grader, Power Plus, John DEERE Grap Loader, Excavator, Komatsu Bull Dozer, Versatile.
  • Lot III – Spare Control Valves, Instrumental Spares, Hyster Bradsow T6 tow tractor PH measurement & Speed Measurement Spares, Vacuum Pan Pneumatic Discharge Cylinder, Electrical Part for General Use, Spare Control Valves,PH measurement & Speed Measurement Spare ,Spare for Control Valves, Welding Generator Parts, Electrical Motors Accessories, For Yarway Remote Liquid Level Indicator, Hoisting Motor With Gear Box, Steam Control Valves, T6 AC Tow Tractor, Adhesive, Simon scale Weight Spares, Oil Firing Equipment, ‘T.B Hillo crane, Electrical Equipment Parts Rail Way spares, Lighting materials, Yarway liquid level indicator spares, Pressure Sustaining Valve & Burner Y-jest Spares, For yar way Remote Liquid Level Indicator, OC-Filter, T-A & T-B Imbibition, Battery 60V DC, VFD AND spares, Checking Instruments, Dip meter, Pumps, Checking instrument, Pneumatic fitting, Foxboro, pneumatic control valve, plant spares & fasting materials, Condensate testing Equipment, Pan cut over valves, Spare control valve, Boiler control Instruments, UG-8-Governor spare, Spare for hydraulic station, Mill turbine instrument, PH measurement spare, Solenoid valves, For back pressure turbine generator 3300KW, Boiler igniter spares, Resistance Feeler, Industrial thermometers, Pressure gauges, T.A & T.B Imbibition scale weight spares, Servo Balance sugar, Union special bag sewing machine, MOL flow meter, Spare control valve, Welding Transformer, Checking Instrument, Electrical Cable, Welding Cable, Motor Winding wires, Electrical part for General use, Electrical SPARE, VFD AND SPARES, Battery 60V DC, Carbon Brushes and Holder, Instrumental Material /Ethanol, General Electrical Items Lightening materials, High Tension spares, Pressure sustaining valve & Burner Y-jets Spares, Power Turbine spares.
  • Lot IV- Transformer Protection Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Regular operation, Laboratory Chemical, Laboratory Equipment, Miscellaneous & Adhesives, Paints, Water Supply Materials, V-Belts, Bolt & Nuts, Steel wire cable & Accessories, Perforated Steel sheet, Lime Slacker, Various tools, Air compressor spare, Various Metal Plain sheet Akulon & round bar, Various Bars, White Metal, Water Boxes, Boiler Tube, Clinker reduction, Bends for Economizer coil for Boiler, Boiler Cleaning tools, Boiler tube, Steam Trap & Ejector, Various Valve, T.B, Air Blower, Blower, Various Metals, Pump Spares, Water Pump Spares, Welding Electrode, Boiler Plant, Fastening Materials,Oil Firing & equipment, Boiler Plant Spare & Fastening Material, Laboratory Chemicals, Laboratory Equipment, Distillery machine, Quality Control Chemical, Ethanol Plant Mechanical Spare, Spares for Drum Internals, Various Hand Tools, Aquanticsphors Oil Purification Spare , Spare for Drum Internals, Instrumental Material /Ethanol/, For back pressure turbine generator 3300KW , Protective Device, Various Tools, Paint, Circlips, Coil pan Roughening Cane Cutter Moto Spare, Simon Scale Weight Spares, ABB C-350 Commander, Perforated Steel Sheet, Pump Spares, Vacuum Pump Spares, Pump Spares, Chain Wheel & Cane Cutter for FCB Mill, Lathe Machine, Vibrating Sugar Screen Spares, PH & Conductivity Meter, Valve, Pipe Gear Box, Conveyor Spares, For Juice Heater,

Interested bidders can obtain further information & set of the complete tender documents up on payment of a non-refundable Birr – 200.00 (two hundred) per lot from the following address.

Metahara Sugar Factory, Purchase Team – A/A

Mexico square, Philips building, 2nd floor

Office No. 214, P.O. Box 5664

Tel: 0115-50 56 07/57 96/58 01 Fax: 0115-50 56 09

Interested bidders should provide VAT registration certificate, renewed legal trade license & tax payer identification number certificate.

Bid must be submitted to the above given address before or on 09/06/2020 at 10:00 A.M. for all lots and must be accompanied by not less than 2% bid bond of the bid amount. Bid will be opened in the presence of bidders or their legal representatives on 09/06/2020 at 10:30 A.M. for lot No. I-II and at 02:00 P.M. for lot No. II &III and on 10/06/2020 at 9:30 for lot No. IV.

Our factory reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids without giving any reason thereof.