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Stiftung Solar Energy -Solar Energy Invites Legally Registered Companies for the Supply of Solar Lanterns

 Tender Invitation for Supply of Solar Lantern

 Stiftung Solar Energy -Solar Energy Foundation is an international Charitable NGO Head office located in Tatek Burayou Industry Zone. The foundation invites legally registered companies for the supply of solar Lanterns.

  1. Hence, those suppliers who has renewed trade license and for the year 2020/2021 or 2013 e.C can participate on the bid.
  2. Interested bidders can collect the bidding document from our contact office located around Bambis supermarket on Hailegebrieal Building 2nd floor office number 203 against non-refundable payment of 200 birr from December 14/2018 to December 18/2018 in working Hours.
  3. One original and one copy of technical proposal shall be produced in different sealed envelopes and each proposal will be sealed in such a way that one original and one photocopy to be sealed in separate envelope and labeled as “ORGINAL” and “PHOTOCOPY”. All proposal documents collectively must be placed in the already prepared bid box along with a separate sealed bid security ETB 30000 CPO from Acceptable Bank In additional to technical and bid security ,one original and one photocopy of financial offer should be produced in different sealed envelopes and must be placed in bid box. Sealed bids shall be delivered to the client Head Office on December 21/2018 between 4:00 am to 5:00am local time.
  4. Bidders biding document will be opened at the presence of the bidders or their representatives on December 21/2018 at 5:30 am local time in the Address mentioned below.
  5. The client reserves the right to Accept or reject All or parts of the bid.
  6. Interested bidders may obtained all information about the work by phone no. +251 011 552 02 29/0912034233


Our Address is

Around Bambis Supermarkets llailegebrieal Building

2nd Floor Office Number 203

Mobile Number +251 011 552 02 29 +25109 1203 12 33