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Steely RMI PLC Seeking To Import Steel Billet

Invitation for International Competitive Bid

Tender No.02/2020

1. We are seeking to import steel billet from abroad and ask all potential suppliers to participate in the Bid. For detail specification of the bid please refer below.

  • Description: Prime Steel Billets,
    • Quantity: 20,000 Metric tons, in two lots,
    • Size (mm): 150 X 150 and/or 130 X130,
    • Length (meter): 6 /12.
  • ┬áDelivery time: October, 2020

2. Interested bidder can get a complete set of bid document by sending its inquiry to our email at While sending their inquiry, bidders must indicate their manufacturer’s name and country of origin, local company or agent name, company profile, contact person name and his/her telephone and fax number and office address.

3. Our company has the right to cancel the bid and/or to accept or reject any or all bids without giving the reasons thereof.

Steely RMI PLC

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia