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SSAP Is Inviting Bids of Senior Experts To Provide Consultancy and Advisory Services To Improve Legal and Organizational Frame Conditions for Strengthening the Ethiopian Seed Sector

 Call for tender to provide advisory services to improve legal and organizational frame conditions of the Ethiopian seed sector


Reference No. 83371848

The GIZ-SSAP Project is in its third phase (2021-23), the Supporting Sustainable Agricultural Productivity Programme (SSAP) will intensify the cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in the areas of variety testing, release, registration, protection as well as on frame  conditions for early generation and certified seed production.


In the scope of this cooperation, SSAP is inviting bids of senior experts to provide consultancy and advisory services to improve legal and organizational frame conditions for strengthening the Ethiopian Seed Sector

The current contract is limited to 31/12/2021 but may be extended for the remainder of the project phase

Interested bidders who fulfill the following criteria can request the bid document starting from Monday, 21 December 2020, 8:30am via an email address:

Qualifications of the Consultants

  • Education / Training (2.2.1): Master’s degree or higher in  Agriculture, Plant Science or Economics or related field
  • Language (2.2.2): Business fluency in English and Amharic
  • General Professional Experience (2.2.3.): 5 years of work experience in Ministry of Agriculture or its predecessors, a Regional Bureau of Agriculture or the Ethiopian Institute for Agriculture Research (EIAR)
  • Specific professional experience (2.2.4): Experience in providing advice to policies, strategies and lor legal frame work conditions in the agricultural, ideally in the Ethiopian Seeds sector as proven by a relevant publication record
  • Leadership/ management experience (2.2.5): 10 years of experience in a representative political and/or top management position
  • Regional experience (2.2.6): at least 15 years of work  experience in Ethiopia
  • Development cooperation (DC) experience (2.2.7): experience in development cooperation preferred, but not essential.
  • Other (2.2.8):
  • Good knowledge of the Ethiopian seed sector (including policies and laws)
  • Very good knowledge of the structure, rules and procedures of the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture
  • Well-established professional network in the agricultural policy sector

Soft Skills

In addition to their specialist qualifications, the following qualifications are required of team members:

Excellent public speaking and presentation skills

Proven leadership skills and experience

Excellent analytical and strategic skills, esp. situation analysis and solution-orientated thinking

All bids must be delivered/submitted physically to the address below at or before 4:00pm local time on Monday, 4 of January 2021.


Kazanchis, GIZ Office Addis Ababa

Near Jupiter Hotel

Bloom Tower 9th Floor

Reference # 83371848

Bidders should submit their Technical and Financial Proposals as per the issued tender document.

GIZ Support Sustainable Agricultural Productivity Project reserves the right to cancel the bid fully or partially.