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South Design and Construction Supervision Enterprise Would Like To Invite Interested Audit Firms To Conduct Financial Audit for the Budget Year of 2012 (EFY) of the Accounts of the Enterprise


For External Audit services (For one budget year) 

NCB BID 010/2013 E.C 

South Design and Construction Supervision Enterprise (SDCSE) is a governmental enterprise established by SNNPR regulation No 80/2010 to undertake Design & constraction supervision of constraction projects and contract administration in withquality & efficiency particulary in irrigation works, portable water, road and buildings. 

The Enterprise would like to invite interested Audit firms to conduct financial Audit for the budget year of 2012 (EFY) of the accounts of the Enterprise. There for, eligible Audit firm are invited to submit their profile attaching copies of: 

  • ACCA or CPA a certificate of qualification 
  • Certificate of professional competence given by the office of accounting and audit board of Ethiopia. 
  • Audit license
  • Renewed trade license
  • Tin certificate
  • Sealed technical and financial proposal should be delivered separately sealed and packed in one outer envelop accompanied by 2% bid security of the total cost, in an acceptable bank guarantee (CPO) or certified cheque & time frame for submission of audit report.
  • Bid will be closed the 15th day from the announcement of this invitation on Addis Zemen Gazete at 2:30pm and opened on the same date 3:00 pm in the presence of bidders or their legal representatives who are interested to attend at South Design and Construction Supervision Enterprise procurement administration service office No 23 Hawassa city. If the 15th day is not a working day the closing and opening of the bid will take place on the next working day at the same time and the same venue.
  • Bidders can collect the bid document by paying nonreturnable fee 100.00 birr from our office during working hours.
  • The Enterprise reserves the right to cancel all or parts of the bid without giving any reason thereof. Interested bidders may obtain further information from South Design And Construction Supervision Enterprise procurement administration service office No 23 Hawassa city, Tel .046 212 5426,P.O. BOX 116 Full address: – South Design and Construction
  • Supervision Enterprise located on the Hawassa university avenue besides SNNPR Road Autority, Hawassa. 

South Design and Construction Supervision Enterprise