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SOS Sahel Ethiopia, as Part of Its Intervention in Asset Building Support of the Project Beneficiaries Is Responsible To Provide 120 Young Female Goats for Breeding To Be Distributed To 40 Vulnerable Women Households in Harena Buluke District/Woreda of Bekaye Kebele


SOS Sahel Ethiopia jointly with FARM Africa, FZS, PHE and IWMI are implementing EU funded “Scaling Out Integrated and Multi-sectoral  Eco-regional Approach in Bale Eco-region in Oromia National Regional  State of Ethiopia (SHARE II) Project”. The project is under implementation in different districts of Bale & West Arsi Zones.

SOS Sahel Ethiopia, as part of its intervention in asset building support of the project beneficiaries, is responsible to provide 120 young female goats for breeding to be distributed to 40 vulnerable women households in Harena  Buluke District/Woreda of Bekaye Kebele. Thus, suppliers with a good track record are invited to compete for the bid as detailed hereunder:

Delivery Site

The distance of delivery site from Bale Robe Town

Required Female Goats

Harena Buluk woreda,

Bakaye Kebele

150 km



Bid document detailing specifications of the goats and other  requirements could be obtained from SOS Sahel Ethiopia, Head Office in Addis Ababa (Tel. 0114 16 03 91) or Bale Robe Field Office (+251 22 665 3156) during office hours against payment of a non-refundable fee of Birr 100.00.

Bidder shall submit their price offer in one original and one copy in the sealed envelope until 30, November 2020 at 2:00 PM to SOS Sahel  Ethiopia Head office in Addis Ababa. Bid shall be accompanied by Bid Bond (CPO) amount of 2% of the total offer prepared in the name of SOS Sahel Ethiopia.

Renewed license for the year, registration certificate, and evidence of previous good track record shall be presented.

Bid documents will be opened on 30, November 2020 at 2:30 pm at SOS Sahel Ethiopia Head office, Addis Ababa.

SOS Sahel Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject any or the entire bid.