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Somali Regional State Bureau of Finance & Economic Development (BOFED) Invites To All Eligible Contractors, Companies and Other Private Individuals for the Sale of Auction for Different Disposal or Used Vehicles

Invitation for BID

Somali Regional State Bureau of Finance & Economic Development (BOFED) invites to all eligible contractors, companies and other private individuals for the sale of auction for different disposal or used vehicles.

  1. The interested Bidders, companies, individuals will get information on available different old disposal vehicles & other relevant information as specified in the bid document from BoFED.
  2. Bid shall be valid for 10 Working days starting from date published in Ethiopian Herald, after bid opening and the bidders must be accompanied by bid security (bank guarantee) or CPO not less than 10% for total price of each car they attend, they shall be delivered to the above office on or before closing date @ 09:00 am morning permitted late bids will be rejected.
  3.  A complete set of bidding document in Somali language will be purchased from Jig-jiga Somali Regional state Finance & Economic Development Bureau, Public Procurement and Property Administration Directorate Block 4 room 56, up on payment of a non refundable fee Ethiopian Birr 300. Starting from the day announced/published on Herald Journal
  4. Bids shall be opened in the presence of bidders or their legal representative who choose to attend at 9:00 AM morning at the conference room of the bureau.
  5.  The Bureau reserved the right to accept or reject all  or part of the bid.

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