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Somali Reginal State Revenue Bureau Is Hereby Advertising Bid For The Purchase of Computer Printer, Logistic Camera, Fingerprint, and Office Furniture

 Somali Reginal State Revenue Bureau Is Hereby Advertising The Bid For The  purchase of computer printer, logistic camera, fingerprint, and office furniture

Reference Number SRSR/NCB/0010/2013

Bidders participating in the bid must fulfill the following criteria

  • Suppliers desiring to participate in public procurement shall have to register themselves using the form made available for this purpose in the website of the Bureau (BoFED).
  • VAT registration certificate issued by the tax authority
  • Tax-clearance certificate form inland revenue authority
  • A valid tax clearance certificate issued by the tax authority
  • Relevant professional practice certificates, as appropriate.
  • The Agreement governing the ‘formation of joint venture, or letter of intent to form JV,

including a draft agreement, in accordance with ITB Clause 18.2, indicating at least the parts of the Works to be executed by the respective partners; and

  • Any other document or information required to be completed and submitted by Bidders, as specified in the IDS.
  • The detailed bid instruction can be collected at the Procurement unit of Somali Region Revenue Bureau in Jigjiga before the deadline of the advert.
  • For further information, please refer to the bid instruction available at the
  • Somali Region Revenue Bureau Jigjiga

BID Submission:

  • Technical and financial proposals should be delivered as per the following timelines: –
  • Bidders are expected to submit the original bid and one copy of the technical and
  • financial document sealed in separated envelope marked as original document.
  • This bid is open from tahasas 6, 2013 to tahasas 12, 2012 EC(8:00 Am) or (2:00 Am)
  • The bid documents and bid instructions are available at the Revenue Bureau Office.
  • The bid will be closed on tahsas 12, 2013 EC) at 10:00 PM nr. (4:00 pm)
  • The bid opening date is expected to be on tahsas,13, 2012 at(2:00 PM) OR(B:00PIA) (the Revenue Bureau Office, It there will be a delay on the bid opening, the date will be communicated beforehand,


–interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from the following address: SOMALI REGIONAL STATE REVENUE BUREAU HEAD OFFICE IN JIG JIGA

Tell:- 025 775 4917/ Fax 025754914