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Rift Valley Children & Women Development Organization (RCWDO) Invites All Interested Vendors To Submit a Quotation for the Supply of Nonfood Items (blanket, Bed Sheet and Sleeping Mat)

Request for Quotation: Ref No 000050-Open Tender for Supply of

 Nonfood items (blanket, bedsheet, and sleeping mat),


Rift Valley Children & Women Development Organization (RCWDO) has intended to procure non-food items through open Tender for IDPs/IDP returnees in Bale zone of the Oromia Region in collaboration with HelpAge Ethiopia. The overall objective of the nonfood items provision is to contribute to the improvement of living conditions; and reduce the vulnerability of IDPs/IDP returnees living in affected woredas (Lagahidha, Sawena, and Ginnir) of Bale zone, Oromia region.

The vender is invited to make a firm quotation based on the following quantity and specification:


Item description






Sleeping mat

Made of woven straw or plastic strips 2mx2.5m, waterproof, assorted colors, edges secured 2 x 2.5m



High quality 1st Grade



Dry weight 50% wool fibers, 50% other textile fibers, size

1.6mx2.2m (1-2kg weight) thermal resistance of garment





Bed sheet

Cotton 2m x 2.3 m





Criteria for Evaluation:

  • a) Renewed Business License on the respective area
  • b) TIN Certification,
  • c) VAT registration certificate
  • d) Proof of track record in the supply of similar items.
  • e) All Quotations must be clearly presented in English or/and Amharic
  • f) Clarity of specifications and presentation of the bid-offer, quality, delivery time, and value for money principles will be considered in the evaluation of the bid.

All interested vendors are invited to submit a quotation for the above-mentioned items in respect of the above-referenced Request for Quotation (RFQ).

Submitted Quotation could be used as the basis for a contract between your firm/institution and RCWDO.

A complete set of tender documents can be collected for free from RCWDO, located in Addis Ababa Bole Sub-City Woreda 6, Gurd Shola on the road to CMC, third floor of the building where Nib International Bank is found. P.O. Box 12916/22998, Tel: 011-6-47-83-82, Fax: 011-647-8383

The completed set of tender documents shall be submitted in plain sealed and stamped envelope through P.O.Box 12916 or in-person indicating ‘Tender No. and name’ in ‘Original properly bounded with identifying the sender and addressed to the above.

The envelope must also clearly state “Not to be opened Before: Date: – 16/10/2020, at 10:00 Am (4:00 am O’clock in the morning, local time)

Closing deadline: Date: Friday 16 October 2020 at 9:00 am (3:00 am O’clock in the morning, local time) and will be opened on the same day at 10:00 AM (4:00 A.M Local Time) in the presence of company owners or representatives.

Note: Quotations Transmitted in any other manner than those indicated above will not be considered.