Vehicles Purchase

Resource Center for Civil Society Groups Association Would Like To Float a Tender for Interested, Eligible and Competitive Suppliers for the Supply of One Cars (Land Cruiser 4WD 76 Hard Top) with Duty Free Basis


Request for Quotation 

For Procurement of: Land cruiser 4WD 76 hard top cars 

Issuance Date: May 24/05/2020 

Deadline and time for receiving Offers: 30/05/2020 

Resource Center for Civil Society Groups Association (RCCSGA), is an indigenous civil society organization operating in South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State of Ethiopia. The organization was established in 2007 and registered by Bureau of Justice, Reg. No. 241/10/99.

 Resource Center for Civil Society Groups Association would like to float a tender for interested, eligible and competitive suppliers for the supply of one cars (Land cruiser 4WD 76 hard top) with Duty Free basis to support the implementation of the projects as per the below specification 




Description/Specification for Double cabin pick up vehicle 



Land cruiser 4WD hard top 


Latest model (2019/2020 



No.of cylinders 



Seating capacity 

9-10 LHD 


Tire Size 





Fuel Type 




Fuel Tank capacity 






White or Grey 




Driver and all passenger 






Air conditioner, Power window 

Remote control Locking 








Full option 









Instruction to Offers 

Number of Quotes per Offer or: only one Quofe of Statement of Compliance: Vendors are to offer a standard product exactly or closely matching the specifications mentioned in the RFQ. 

Source Origin and Nationality Requirements: Please state the source and origin of the product. Prices: Prices should be fixed and it includes all costs of transportation of vehicle up to Hawassa office. Currency: prices shall be stated in ETB, duty free Language: The quote, as well as correspondence and documents relating to the offer shall be in English. 


Quote shall remain valid for 60 calendar days from the due date for receipt of quotes. In exceptional circumstances, prior to expiry of the original offer validity period, RCCSGA may request that the offer or extend the period of validity for specified additional period. Offer or agreeing to the request will not be required to modify their quote. Preparation and submission of quotes Late quotes will not be considered or accepted Quotes shall be submitted in person. The Technical Proposal and Financial (price) quotation separately in WAX SEALED envelope to: 

RCCSGA Finance Department Head office Hawassa Adress: Meneharia sub city Tel:0462124982 Mobile: 0911039095/0926537049 Hawassa 


Initiative Africa Bole Medahenialm Lucky Monarch Hotel 5th Floor Office No: 505 Addiss Ababa 

On or Before: 30/05/2020 

Due Date and Time for Submission of Quotes 

  • Quotes must be received by RCCSGA no late than the due date and time as shown on the cover sheet of this RFQ. RCCSG may, at its discretion, extend the due date and time for the submission of quotes by amending this RFQ.
  • Any quote after the due date and time for submission of quotes will NOT be accepted or it will be rejected. 

Evaluation of Quotes 

All qualified bidders are encouraged to submit a bid. Qualified bidders are those that are registered and have been licensed to supply vehicles, producer or wholesaler of the vehicles with the inclusion of copies of the following documents with their bids 

A. Valid Business License 

B. Tax Identification Number(TIN) 

C. VAT registration certification 

D. Contact person 

E. Mail and email address 

F. Telephone Numbers 

Evaluation of bid will be made on technical and financial proposal. More specifically, quotes will be evaluated based on the following criteria. 

  • Overall responsiveness of the quote
  • Confirmation to product specification 
  • Total price 
  • Timeliness of delivery 

Information for Offerors 

Clarification of Quotes 

During evaluation of the quotes, RCCSGA its discretion, ask the offer or for clarification of their quotes. Clarification is limited to exchanges of information with a Firm to resolve minor or clerical errors: they do not offer an opportunity for a Firm to modify or change an offer. 

Award Criteria 

RCCSGA is not obliged to make an award by virtue of having issued this solicitation. RCCSGA can only make an award if the product fully complies with the technical specifications mentioned in the agreement terms. Alternatively, RCCSGA may make awards to different offerors should such multiple awards be more advantageous to RCCSGA. Any award(s) will be made to the responsible offeror whose offer(s) has/have been determined to be most advantageous to RCCSGA, RCCSGA reserves the right to cancel or reject the offer in part or the whole as deemed best serve its interest. 


Information submitted in response to this RFQ will be kept confidential. Contract Type 

1. Ordering-Instruction on order processing will be issued at contract award. 

2. Delivery date and place of delivery: delivery date is no later than 45 days after order and the place of delivery is Hawassa. 

Bid opening 

Bid will be opened on 01/06/2020 at 4:00 AM local time RCCSGA head office Hawassa in the presence of bidders or their legal representatives. or in their absence, it will be open with three witness