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Rehabilitation and Development Organization (RaDO) Inquiring Consultancy Service To Do Data Entry, Analysis, and Interpretation, Write up and Presentation of SASA! Baseline Data

2nd Times

Tender Number 014/2020

Inquiring consultancy service to do data entry, analysis, and interpretation, write up and presentation of SASA! Baseline data.

Category: Consultancy and Training, Research, Health Care, Social Science. Location: Addis Ababa

Career Level: Senior Level (5+ years’ experience)

1. Background

Rehabilitation and Development Organization (RaDO) is a Non-Governmental Ethiopian Charity Organization which is established in 1995 aiming at contributing to the country’s development policy by improving the lives of vulnerable groups. It has been implementing various development and emergency programs in Ethiopia. The organization has expanded its scope of operation to refugees by implementing Physical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation for PWD, Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and HIV/AIDS, Older Persons, and SGBV Prevention and Response projects. Currently, RaDO is implementing the projects in 22 refugee camps with Somalis, Sudanese, South Sudanese and Eritrean refugee communities and their vicinity.

2. Objective of the baseline survey

The objective of this baseline survey is to assess and document the level of Knowledge, Attitude, Skill and Behavior in related to SGBV, power and HIV/AIDS in the two SASA! Approach implementation areas. SASA! is an evidence-based, community mobilization and prevention approach for addressing SGBV and HIV. Sasa’ means ‘now’ in Kiswahili, emphasizing the urgent need to foster SGBV prevention in communities. The term ‘SASA’ is also an acronym representing the phases of the approach: Start, Awareness, Support, Actions. The Start’ phase involves pre-contemplation – a process by which community members begin to understand SGBV and HIV as interconnected issues through open and frank conversations. Through this process, the community identifies the power within itself to stop SGBV. This makes way for the ‘Awareness’ phase – a phase of contemplation during which the community works to raise SGBV awareness levels.

The ‘Support’ phase follows, and is characterized by preparation for action: community members learn how to support those affected by violence during this phase. The ‘Actions’ phase is the final stage of the SASA! intervention. It involves action and maintenance, with the community taking action to create and sustain change. The whole cycle takes 3 to 5 years to complete.

3. Program implications:

SASA! Baseline assessment will assist RaDO to understand and assess  change particularly in relation to knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors among community members in relation to power, violence against women and HIV/AIDS prior to SASA! implementation at Kebribeyah and Bokolmayu refugee camps. Besides, it will be documented and used to compare with the consecutive four phases of SASA! Rapid Assessment’s (RAS) that will be conducted at the end of each phases of SASA!.

4. Objective if the consultancy

To accomplish separate data entry, analysis, interpretation, result write up and presentation of already surveyed/collected 400 data (200 sample sizes to each site/camp).

5. Scope of the consultancy

The consultancy consists of (1) conduct data entry, (2) conduct analysis based on the outcome’s indicator (Knowledge, Attitude, Skill & Practice), and (3) present the first draft baseline report to a RaDO staffs (4) produce comprehensive final report on baseline survey separately for the two project sites/refugee camps, (5) Presentation on findings for RaDO project staffs and partners.

Required background, Qualifications, and Eligibility criteria

  •  Master’s degrees in one of the following majors: Public Health, Social Studies Statistics/Biostatistics.
  •  Knowledge and understanding of SGBV/VAW prevention and response interventions. Experience in SASA! Approach implementation including engagement in SASA! RAS will be a plus.
  •   Strong skills and proven experience in conducting baseline survey.
  • Strong analytical skills with quantitative method.
  • Strong coordination/organization/networking skills and experience in working in team
  •  Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Fulfillment of legal status, tax requirements, etc

6. Timeline

The tentative timeline for the finalization of the overall work is 20th August to-20th September 2020. The preliminary timeline for key deliverables is:

  • The first draft findings of the baseline survey should be presented to RaDO staffs by 10th September 2020.
  •  The final baseline survey report is expected to be presented for RaDO and partners by 15th September 2020.
  •   The submission deadline for the final approved report is 20th September 2020. A detailed timeline will be worked out jointly with the consultant team after recruitment.

7. Submission of Bids/Proposals Technical and Financial Proposition.

  • The following documents should be submitted together with the bid:
  • Cover letter expressing interest
  • CV or CVs of all team members if it involves teams from different background.
  • Technical proposal (including an introduction of the team structure,  previous experiences in relation to the consultancy context in similar engagement, a preliminary work plan/timeline, and at least one work sample).
  • Financial proposal that entails breakdowns for major cost components and specifies the proposed number of days and the consultancy fee(overall and rate per day in birr).

8. Payment Modality and Schedule

The fee for this contract shall be paid based on deliverables with the  following schedule:

  • 50% – first draft survey report
  • 50% – final survey report received.

9. Taxes and payment (as per the regulation)

  • Fees will be paid in ETB
  • Two percent (2%) tax will be deducted from consultants with business license and business TIN. 30% tax will be deducted from consultants  with personal TIN.

10. Evaluation of the applications.

After the bid opening, each proposal will be assessed first on its compliance, technical quality and subsequently on its price. The proposal with the best overall value, composed of technical merit and price, will be considered for final approval. RaDO has established a procurement committee to lead the overall process review and evaluate bids and make a decision based on the criteria listed.

How to apply?

To express your interest in this work, please submit your proposals including all the above requirements (8th paragraphs) to RaDO office in seven consecutive days from the day of announcement.

Bid will be opened in the presence of interested bidders or their representative with their delegation letter on the next day of the deadline at 10:30 am.

For any clarification, please call to 0912-32-09-94/ 0116627297. The TOR will be collected from our office, Addis Ababa, Bole Sub-city, Kebele 02 H. No. 1157 around Tizez Hotel.