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PSIE Is Seeking Interested Plastics Manufacturers To Submit Their Expression of Request for Expressions of Interest To Mass Produce Hand Washing Stations in Collaboration with the USAID Transform WASH Project:

Population service interntational/ Ethiopia (PSI/E) USAID Transform WASH

Request for expressions of interest to mass produce Hand Washing Stations in Collaboration with the USAID Transform WASH project:


i. Who we are?

We are Population Services International/Ethiopia (PSI/E), the local affiliate of US-based PSI, an international organization operating in more than 65 countries worldwide. In the last 15 years, PSI/E has been implementing health programs in Ethiopia with a mission of facilitating market growth to ensure smooth supply and activated demand for essential health products and services. Major areas of intervention have been WASH, HIV prevention, adolescent health, and non-communicable diseases.

ii. What is the REol About?

In response to the current Covid-19 pandemic, PSI is working toward building a sustainable supply of household handwashing facilities in partnership with development partners and the private sector. The activities are being implemented by the USAID Transform WASH (T/WASH) consortium, which has a primary goal of facilitating a sustainable market for sanitation and hygiene products. In the last four years, TAWASH has established a network of business partners in 41 intervention woredas across all regions of the country.

The principle aim of this REol is to identify enterprises with capacity in plastics or other relevant manufacturing that have the capability and interest in mass producing household and institutional hand washing facilities and other similar WASH products as a new business opportunity. Based on the REol specifications, we will assess these capacities and will select capable manufacturers for further partnership consideration.

iii. The REol Opportunities and Schedule

PSIE is seeking interested plastics manufacturers to submit their expression of interest according to the attached information form.

This REol presents the following opportunities to domestic plastics manufacturers:

  1. Partnership with the USAID Transform WASH project in developing viable business options for handwashing products.
  2. Access to markets for its products through the T/WASH business partner network of regional distributors and local retailers across all regions and with intensive presence in 41 woredas.
  3.  Professional support in developing business plans and marketing activities to activate demand for the products.

  REol Timelines




Submission of Eol using the attached capacity assessment template

Jul 27 to Aug 14, 2020


Assessment of the Eol by our project team

Upon receipt to Aug 28, 2020


Call on selected manufacturers and offer proposal of partnership

Sep 1 to 30, 2020


Closing the partnership deal with the selected manufacturer

Sep 30, 2020


iv.  REol Submission Requirements

The request for expressions of interest is for all domestic plastics manufacturers that have the capacity and interest to add new products to their business portfolio. To express your interest, please use the standard template enclosed here with in. An assessment of Eol will completed by August 28, 2020 with aim to finalize partnerships by September 30, 2020.

V. Eol Standard Template







Staff size:. ………………………..

Year of  





PERSON: ……………….


EMAIL. ……………………






















Brief introduction to your company


Application CHECKLIST

Your EOI Should Include

Statement of Interest with

Plant information


Available space to consider new manufacturing

Existing product portfolio

Your unique capabilities


Technical information

 Type of existing machines

operating and potential capacity


Existing Production schedule

New product inclusion tech capability


Information : existing markets,

supply chains and potential markets

to consider


Financials: initial investment and financial capacity to invest in new business opportunities

other information:

Partnership information (with public organizations)

Existing partnership with private information.


Supporting Documents


Business registration

Qualification license to run plastic manufacturing.

Other supporting documents you may want to share with us.

For further information please contact at.

Ato Henok Getachew Associate Director, Business Development Email