Accounting and Auditing / Accounting System Design / Financial

PETCO Ethiopia Is Pleased To Invite Qualified and Registered Audit Firms Recognized by Accounting and Audit Board of Ethiopia (AABE/ &FDRE-Agency for Civil Society Organizations To Submit Their Technical and Financial Proposals for Conducting Statutory Audit of the Books of the Organization’s Accounts for the Period of January 1,2020 To December 31, 2020 with An Estimated Expenditure/income of Approximately ETB 5 Million (approximately #4 Box Files).

Bid announcement

PETCO Ethiopia Recycling Community Organization

PETCO Ethiopia recycling community organization (PETCO Ethiopia) is a non for profit organization incorporated in 2019 to represent the Ethiopian PET Plastic industry’s joint effort to self-regulate postconsumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling. PETCO Ethiopia seeks to minimize the environmental impact of post-consumer PET on the Ethiopian landscape through growing the collection & recycling of PET bottles after consumer use: supporting existing & encourage new collection and recycling initiatives and promoting a strong focus on public & consumer education & awareness programs. PETCO Ethiopia operates throughout Ethiopia and has its head office in Addis Ababa.

1. External Audit

PETCO Ethiopia is pleased to invite qualified and registered audit firms recognized by accounting and audit board of Ethiopia (AABE/ &FDRE-Agency for civil society organizations to submit their technical and financial proposals for conducting statutory audit of the books of the organization’s accounts for the period of January 1,2020 to December 31, 2020 with an estimated expenditure/income of approximately ETB 5 million (approximately #4 box files).

Job Requirements

  1. The audit firm should be registered with Accounting and audit board of Ethiopia /AABE/.
  2. The audit firm must have solid experience in the area of charity organization, specifically firms with clear understanding of infemafional accounting practice for foreign charities.
  3. The audit firm should provide TIN, VAT registration certificate and business registration license that has been renewed for the year 2013.E.C as well as other relevant legal documents.
  4. The audit firm shall submit evidence and reference for similar work done in the past /Auditing experience based on IPSAS/
  5.  The audit firm should provide a complete company profile.
  6. The bidders are required to submit the completion time of the audit work and audit fee for the service.

2. Human Resource Consultant

2.1 Objective of the Assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to review the Human Resource Management Policies and procedures that will guide the organization in managing its human resource in a systematic and standardize manner with a view to brining together and developing into a cohesive and an effective complement all the human resource aspects in the organization

The Manual, while giving regard to the wellbeing of the individual and groups of workers should enable them to make maximum contribution towards the successful attainment and sustenance of the organization.

2.2 Scope of the Assignment

During the as assignment the consultant will be expected to;

  • Review the existing HR Management Polices and procedures;
  • Review the guidelines by the Public service commission on how to
  • develop Human resource policy and procedure manuals;

Develop a revised HR polices and procedures manual covering all the human resource management activities.

2.3 Dellverables

The consultancy is expected to deliver a revised Human Resource Management Policies and procedures Manual

2.4 qualifications and Experience

The organization is looking for a recognized consultant with relevant and demonstrated professional experience in developing Human resource Management manual. The consultant must have at least a relevant degree and not less than ten (10) years experience in Human resource policy design and development or management,

2.5 Work Duration

The consultant is expected to complete all the above tasks within 6 weeks from the time the contract is signed.

How to Apply

Bidders should submit their technical and financial proposal in a sealed envelope on or before December 4,2020 at 5:00 pm to PETCO Ethiopia recycling community organization, Bole subcity, woreda 6, Adwa Road, Semper Building 3rd floor room number 310; or Email to  Questions for clarifications may be submitted to   or call +251-116 660162