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Oromia Water Works Construction Enterprise Has Intended To Rebrand Every Aspects of Its Business Including Logo Which Clearly and Easily Under Standabel with Creative Vision That Will Describe Its Service and Works Within the Context of Oromo Values and Culture



Oromia Water Works Construction Enterprise has intended to rebrand every aspect of its business including the logo which clearly and easily understandable with a creative vision that will describe its service and Works within the context of Oromo Values and culture. 

Therefore OWWCE would like to invite eligible and capable bidders(s)that has/have much experience at least in developing rebranding guidelines to the organization. 

  1.  Therefore interested bidders are invited to participate in the supply of those Dump Truck to be purchased in local currency. 
  2. Bidders may obtain further information from our office at OWWCE’S Procurement Team (on the way to kality Road in front of Vehicles & Mechanics Training Center) P.O. BOX 1696/1110 Tel: 0114 39 0150/0379/0280. 
  3. A complete bidding document may be purchased by an interested bidder on the submission of a Written application together with renewed relevant license, Registration card issued from Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, VAT Registration certificate, TIN (Tax Identification Number& Clearance) to the above office upon payment of non-refundable Birr 200.00 (two hundred birr only) in cash. 
  4.  The bidder must provide bid security in the amount of 100,000.00 (One hundred thousand)ETB in C.P.O or unconditional bank guarantee issued by a legally established financial institution. Any bid not secured accordingly shall be rejected automatically. (Insurance Bond is not acceptable).
  5. The Bid shall be closed on August 18, 2020 GC at 2:00 P.M. and opened on the same date at 2:30 P.M. on the presence of bidder’s or their representatives, 
  6. Our Organization reserves the right to accept or reject partially or the entire bid. 

i. Oromia Water Works Construction Enterprise

ii. Procurement Directorate at Kality Road in front Drivers Training Center near CCRDA 

Tel. No.0114390280/0379/0280 

FAX. NO. 0114396476/0114390546/0114396594 

Oromia Water Works Construction Enterprise