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Oromia Construction Corporation Would Like To Purchase Different Diameters of Rebars To Be Used for Different Construction Projects for One Year Frame Work Contract with Possibility of Extension.



Oromia Construction Corporation would like to purchase different diameters of rebars to be used for different construction projects for one year frame work contract with possibility of extension. 

  1.  Therefore interested bidders are invited to participate for the supply of rebars to be purchased in local currency. 
  2. Bidders shall present copy of their renewed trade license for the year 2012 E.C commercial registration certificate, tax identification number, tax clearance certificate & VAT registration certificate.
  3. . A complete bidding document can be obtained from OCC office procurement team room No. 8 which is found on the way to Kality Road in front of Vehicles & Mechanics Training Center upon payment of nonrefundable Br.300.00 (three hundred birr only) in cash. 
  4. The bidder should provide bid security in the amount of 200,000.00(two hundred thousand) C.P.O or unconditional bank guarantee issued by a legally established financial institution. Any bid not secured accordingly shall be rejected automatically. (Insurance bond is not acceptable).
  5. The Bid shall be closed on September 1, 2020 at 02:00 P.M. and opened at 02:30 P.M. in the presence of bidder’s or their representatives. 
  6. Bidders may obtain further information from our office at OCC, Procurement team room No.8 (on the way to Kality Road in front of Vehicles & Mechanics Training Center) Tel:- 0114390150/0379.FAX.NO. 0114396476 P.O. BOX 1696/1110
  7. Our Organization reserves the right to accept or reject partially or the entire bid. 

Oromia Construction Corporation