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Oromia Construction Authority Request for Expression of Interest To Evaluate the Construction Industry and Measure Its Capacity To Carry Out Projects Meeting the Expected Quality Within Allocated Time and Budget

Oromia Construction Authority

Request for expression of interest

To conduct: Assessment of the construction industry in Oromia Regional State. Background Oromia Construction Authority (OCA) was established in 2016. The main duties of the authority have to regulate and improve the competency and efficiency of the construction industry in the region. It is working on regulates Road, Water, Building (government and Non-government), and other urban infrastructure projects.

General Objective

The main objective of the assessment is to evaluate the construction industry and measure its capacity to carry out projects meeting the expected quality within allocated time and budget.

Specific Objectives

Under the umbrella of the main objective, the assessment should meet the following specific objectives:

  • Identify national and international quality standards of the construction industry
  • Identify and evaluate the main problems of the construction industry figuratively
  • Evaluate the capacity and distribution of the human resource involved in the design projects and construction projects with respect to the requirements of the projects
  • Evaluation of the contract administration trend of the industry
  • Evaluate the quality control mechanism of construction materials at project sites
  • Evaluate machinery utilization and management at construction projects
  • Evaluate knowledge and skill gap in the industry
  • Evaluate the application of technology in design projects
  • Evaluate the application of technology and different technics in construction projects
  • Evaluate the financial management of construction projects

Deadline and Submission of documents:

  1. Interested consultants should collect the TOR document from our office and can submit their expression of interest within 15 working days from the date of its announcement.
  2. All the expression of interest summited by unqualified bidders and those arriving later than the final submission date and time shall be rejected without further notice.
  3. OCA for this task reserve the right to accept or reject the expression of interests.
  4. Any request for clarifications/inquiries can be forwarded by using the following address.


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