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Oromia Agricultural & Natural Resource Bureau Invites Interested and Eligible Bidders To Licensed for the Supply of Agri Lime Bag (Sack)



Oromia Agricultural & Natural Resource Bureau invites interested and eligible bidders to Licensed for the supply of Agri Lime Bag (Sack)

  1.  Interested bidder who have relevant renewed license for the current budget year, VAT registration evidence and registration certificate from Ministry of finance & Economic Cooporation (MOFEC) for which they registered on the supplier list to submit their proposal.
  2. A complete set of Bidding Documents in English can be purchased by interested bidders from Oromia Bureau of Agriculture & Natural Resource Bureau, “Sarbet” area in front of School of Nations The regional government of Oromia bureaus 3rd floor Property Administration and Logistics Directorate middle building Process during office hours upon payment of nonrefundable fee 200.00 (two hundred) birr starting from Oct.19 /2020.
  3. Bidders shall participate to 100 % of the quantities specified in statement of requirements. Partial quotation of the quantities may result in rejection of the bid.
  4. All bids must be accomplished by bid bond of 20,000.00 E.Br., In the form of certified payment order (C.P.O)/ Bank guarantee.
  5.  Bidders should submit their technical and financial offers separately in wax-sealed envelopes one original and one copy all in one envelope.
  6. Bid will be closed on the date Nov.02/2020 at 10:00 am & opened in the presence of bidder or their legal representatives on the same date at 10:30 am.
  7. Oromia Agricultural and Natural Resource Bureau reserve the right to accept or reject any or all bids.
  8. Bidders may obtain further information from Oromia Agriculture & Natural Resource Bureau Tel no. +251-118829173, P.O.Box 8770

Oromia National Regional State

Oromia Agriculture & Natural Resources Bureau,

Sarbet Oromia Office 3rd Floor,

Tel. + 251-118829173 Finfinne/ Addis Ababa,