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Oromia Agricultural & Natural Resource Bureau Invites Interested and Eligible Bidders To Bid for the Supply of Desktop Computer, Printer, and Video Camera




Oromia Agricultural & Natural Resource Bureau invites interested and eligible bidders to bid for the supply of Lot.l. , Desktop Computer, Printer, Video Camera, Interested bidder who has a relevant renewed license for the current budget year, VAT registration evidence, and registration certificate from Ministry of Finance & Economic Development (MOFED) for which they registered on the supplier list to submit their proposal. 

8. Bid document can be obtained from Oromia Agricultural & Natural Resource Bureau, “Sarbet” area the middle Building, 3rd-floor Procurement & Finance Process during office hours against a non-refundable payment of birr 200 (two hundred) starting from May. 21/2020. 

9. Bidders shall participate to 100 % of each lot of quantities specified in the statement of requirements. A partial quotation of the quantities may result in rejection of the bid. 

10. All bids must be accomplished by bid bond of 20,000.00 E.Br. in the form of a bank guarantee or certified payment order (C.P.O). 

11. Bids shall be submitted Technical & Financial Document in one envelope having one original & two copies. 

12. Bids must be delivered to Oromia Agricultural & Natural Resource Bureau, “Sarbet” area in front of a school of nations The regional government of Oromia Bureaus Building B-3, 4th-floor Procurement & Finance Process at June. 04/2020 up to 10:00 am. 

13. The bid will be closed on the date of June. 04/2020 at 10:00 am & opened in the presence of bidder or their legal representatives on the same date at 10:30 am. 

14. Late bids will be rejected. Bidders may obtain further information from Oromia 

Agricultural & Natural Resource Bureau 

Tel no. +251-118829173/Fax-0113717488 8770 B-2nd 3rd floor. 

Oromia Agricultural & Natural Resource Bureau 

P.O.BOX 8770 

TEL. +251-911588373/+251-912659025