Financial / Organizational

ODAA Transport Has Planned To Construct Service Center (Central Garage) at Gelan Town Administration of Oromia Regional State, and the Rest of the Country


  • Project: Feasibility study for importing and distributing tyres in Ethiopia 
  • Assignment title; Selection and employment of Individual Consultant for Feasibility study of importing and distributing tyres in Ethiopia. 
  • ODAA Transport has planned to construct Service Center (Central Garage) at Gelan Town Administration of Oromia Regional State, and the rest of the country. The company needs to have a convenient service station with all facilities of “Dealership and Facility Garage”. The following business package is the main target service provision in the garage: 
  1. Supply of Tyre and tyre products: our company ODAA Integrated Transport Maintenance facility division will supply durable and high performance tyre and car battery for the different models of the vehicles in the region.
  2. . Economic contribution of the project: Wealth for shareholders, employment opportunities for the local economy, income tax for the government and technology transfer for the country through partnership with recognized auto manufacturer brands. ODAA’S envisaged project will play a significant role for the country to enter in to tire business industry through a gradual technology transfer by partnering with globally recognized players in the auto industry. 

The purpose of the invitation is to assess the individual consultant for feasibility study of importing and distributing tyres in Ethiopia. General guideline for standard feasibility study of importing fire is available which shall be provided as the basis of proposal includes Justification and objective of the study, and Scope of the Study. 


  • The assignment is expected to be completed within one (1) month time effective from date of contract signing. 


  • Draft Report on options and recommendations for study of importing and distributing tyres in Ethiopia in two (2) weeks.
  • Final Report (along with implementation plan) incorporating comments from draft report comments. 


  • Master’s degree preferably in public finance/economics/ management, Marketing/ business administration or a related field. Minimum 7 yrs. of international/ National experience in designing, developing and implementing feasibility study for import and distribution in Ethiopia.
  • Experience of undertaking capacity assessment in local business, which includes service centered organizations, private, public environments; 
  • Sound knowledge of transportation services, marketing and distribution of tyers. Ability to work with different sections of the public and private administration to identify their financial management system needs and expectations and to relate these to developing recommendations for an efficient and comprehensive feasibility study for importing and distributing tyres in Ethiopia.
  • Effective reporting skills;
  • Strong interpersonal and presentation skills;
  • Ability to work quickly, under pressure and to deadlines; and Fluency in English language, spoken and written 


  • ODAA shall nominate a team comprising of functional and technical specialists (who will work closely with the Consultant under his/her guidance. The detail TOR can be accessed from ODAA Integrated transport S.C Head office, Cameroon St, woreda 03, bole sub-city, Oromia tower, 2nd floor. Within 07 working days from the date of announcement. 

NB. The company has the right to reject/ award the services as appropriate to the winner.