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ODAA INTEGRATED TRANSPORT SC Invites All Interested Consulting Firms To Participate in the Provision of Consultancy Service on Lubricant Products Sourcing


Project Title: Provision of Consultancy Service on Lubricant Products Sourcing

ODAA INTEGRATED TRANSPORT SC invites all interested consulting firms to participate in the provision of consultancy service on lubricant products sourcing. The company seeks to expand its product portfolio to the lubricant products space. Hence, it would like to have a comprehensive product sourcing study conducted before delving into the area. With this objective in mind, OIT welcomes all interested parties to take part in the bid process.

Interested bidders are required to meet the following requirements:

Bidders can collect the ToR from ODAA INTEGRATED TRANSPORT SC Head Office located along Bole Medehanaliem Road, situated in ‘Oromia Tower’ 2nd floor Facility Office,

Bidders should

  • Pay ETB 200 (Two Hundred only) to collect the ToR.
  • Submit their Technical and Financial proposals separately in wax sealed envelopes marking “Technical and Financial Proposal to ODAA INTEGRATED TRANSPORT SC Facility Office.
  • Submit all required bid documents within 7 days after the publication of the bid during Office Hours from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.
  • Submit bid documents with renewed trade license. If the trade license is not renewed, the submission will be disqualified, and the 200 Br will not be refundable.

Company Address


Bole Sub City Woreda 03 House No 505

Bole Medehanaliem Road Oromia Building 5th Floor


ODAA INTEGRATED TRANSPORT S.C. reserves the right to fully or

partially accept or reject this bid at any stage of the process.