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Ningxia Communications Construction Co.,Ltd Intends To Employee Sub-contractors Who Will Provide the Services of Alleviation Measures on Sexually Transmitted Disease(STD) and HIV/AIDS

Invitation to Bid

Ningxia Communications Construction co., ltd Our company Ningxia Communications Construction Co., Ltd have reached an agreement with the Ethiopian Road Authority for construction works of the Humusit Estie Road upgrading Project(76.644km).

Therefore, Ningxia communications construction co., Ltd intends to employ sub-contractors who will provide the services of alleviation measures on the sexually transmitted disease(STD) and HIV/AIDS as per the following criteria.

  1. Interested bidders that fulfill the following requirements are invited for the bid.
    • 1.1) Renewed business license for the year 2012 EC.
    • 1.2) Tax clearance certificate issued from the tax authority (inland revenue authority).
    • 1.3) Registered in public procurement agency and shall provide documentary evidence of their work experience.
  2.  Terms of reference can be purchased by interested bidders with a non-refundable fee of ETB 100 starting from the announcement date, up to 10(Ten) consecutive working days.
  3. Bidders shall submit their bids in two envelops one for ‘qualification information and the other for ‘financial proposal separately sealed and both envelopes to be sealed in the outer envelope.
  4. Bids must be delivered to the address mentioned below on or before September 21, 2020 (G.C). Bids will also be opened at 2.30 pm on September 21, 2020(G.C).
  5.  Our company reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.
  6. Address: Hamusit, Areb Gebeya woreda on the main road from Hamusit- Estie project.
  7. For any more detailed information contact Tel number:- +251922864403.

Ningxia Communications Construction Co., LTD