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Multi Integrated Support /MIS/ Is Invites Interested Audit Firms To Get Service for One Year (2019)


Multi Integrated Support /MIS/ has been working in all regional governments to  support vulnerable Mothers and Children’s. The Organization re-registered and  licensed by agency as an Ethiopian resident’s charity in accordance with the  Charities and Society proclamation No.1113/2011 with the certificate no 2242.

Multi Integrated Support /MIS/ is invited interested Audit firms to get service for  one year (2019). Interested firms should have: Renewed professional license,  Renewed business license, and recognized by the FDRE- the office of the  Federal Audit General Charities & Societies Agency, Certification for  payment of profit tax.

Applicants/ Audit firms should submit their price and profile with Wax sealed for  five consecutive working days after advertised.

NOTE: If the organization gets  the best option, it has the right to cancel partially or all parts of the BID.

For  further information 0118107448,+251912388941.