Development and Web Design / ICT / Software Provision

Ministry of Urban Development and Construction Intends To Develop and Implement Web-Based and GIS Supported Urban Land Lease Information System.


(Develop and Implement Web-Based and GIS-supported Urban Land Lease Information System).

The Procurement Reference Number: URRP/NCB/005/2020

  • Client:- Under the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Urban Development & Construction, Urban Revenue Reform Project office, hereby referred to as the client,
  • Project: Urban Revenue Reform Project Office is to strengthen the financial capability of cities and enable them to carry out their role in achieving a middle-income country vision in Ethiopian Cities, hereby referred to as the Study of Develop and Implement Web-Based and GIS-supported Urban Land Lease Information System
  • Consulting Service: Develop and implement Web-Based and GIS supported Urban Land Lease Information System.

Procurement Reference Number:- URRP/NCB/005/2020

Job Title:- Develop and implement Web-Based and GIS-supported Urban Land Lease Information System.

The main objective of this assignment is improving the existing developed Urban Land Lease Information system with incorporating the new requirement and setting up Web-enabled and GIS-supported Urban Land lease Information system in six cities,

The scope of the Web-enabled and GIS based Urban Lease Information System development includes:

  • The System Requirement Analysis Document (RAD)
  • System Design Document (SDD) including User acceptance criterion documents
  • Software Development
  • Pilots and System Deployment
  • Identifying Required Infrastructure (Network and Hardware) Source code deliver to the project office And the system implementation support that includes
  • System testing (Quality Assurance, Quality control, testing, acceptance and commissioning)
  • System Administration Manual
  • End-User -Manuals
  • System Administrators and End-User-training
  • Technical Implementation and maintenance support for 3 years/ by organizing project management and project implementation units)

The overall project may take at least three years

Required Qualification: the assignment requires at least 10 professionals that have MA/MSc and above level of education in Computer Science, Information Science, Information System, Information Technology and related fields, Post Graduate in GIS and Remote Sensing, GIS and Remote Sensing, Computer Applications and Software Engineering with professional certification from recognized institute.

Work Experience: the task demands a firm that has at least 7 years experiences on Project Coordination software architectures and software application development technologies, experience in managing document management or enterprise content management development projects, land related system development, urban real property registration system operation, have a functioning internal training program, conducted training for other organizations/persons; and been active in the provision of consultation services and system development on urban land information system development and implementation. Moreover, 7 years of experience for the project manager and five years and above of experience for the experts are required

The consultant will be selected in accordance with procedures selected in accordance with the procedure set out in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Public Procurement Agency Guidelines Selection and Employment of Consultant by public Procurement agency, June 2010.

The shortlisting criteria: – Core business of the firm and years of experience, relevant firms experience

In the field of the assignment including list of projects and their costs team composition and their experience, geographical coverage and technical and managerial organization of the firm & firm’s current Financial status.

Expression of Interest must be delivered to the address below not later than 15 working days after the Request of expression of interest noticed in Newspaper.

The firms may obtain further information from the address below during office hours: 7:30 A.M-12:00 Noon and 1:30 P.M 3:00 P.M from Monday to Friday.

N.B. The expression of interest document shall not be more than 50 (fifty) pages

Address:- Attn.., Project Finance & Administration

P.O. Box: -, Tel: 11 5 579417


Physical address: Urban Revenue Reform Project office, In front of National Bank of Ethiopia, Lideta

Sub-city, Sudan Street, Near to, Dashen Bank Head Office, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Building: Urban Land and Land Related Property Registration & Information Agency

Office: 9th Floor in Urban Revenue Reform Project office, Finance & Administration Dept.

Telephone No. —————-