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Ministry of Education (MOE)has Planned To Preparation of New Flow Chart, Minimum Learning Competency (MLC) and Syllabus for the New Curriculum


Organization-Ministry of Education

  • Country: Ethiopia Name of the Project: General Education Quality Improvement Program for Equity (GEQIP-E)
  • Assignment Title: Preparation of new Flow Chart, Minimum Learning Competency (MLC) and Syllabus for the new curriculum
  • Reference No.: MoE/GEQIP-E/C/QCBS/05/20


The history of the education of Ethiopia goes back to the olden days in which traditional and mostly religious education was provided by religious institutions. Over time, this education became replaced by a modern western type of education in order to cater for the growing needs of the country. In this regard, a lot has been achieved in expanding access and producing generations of educated and trained people. However, as outcomes of many of the studies conducted in the past indicated, the system of education has still remained entangled with challenges arising from a deficiency in efficiency, equity, relevance, and quality.

As part of the effort to meet the challenges and make education a powerful instrument of change, an education and training policy was set in 1994. Over time the Ministry of Education developed the existing curriculum in 2010 to guide educational efforts and achieve better results. Although noteworthy gains were achieved in access, the system of education continued to face critical problems of quality and relevance. It was in recognition of this reality and to address these challenges that the Ministry of Education came up with the soon to be implemented curriculum framework in 2020. In order to translate the framework and implement its prescriptions within the scope of the natural course of curriculum development, it is necessary to produce content flow charts, minimum learning competencies, and syllabuses which would also serve as bases for preparing student textbooks and teacher guides in the main. Since these curriculum documents are very essential for implementing the curriculum, it is imperative to ensure that they are able to meet the quality standards established in connection to their content, design, and organization. To that effect, the task has to be carried out by those who have the competence and experience to deliver high-quality materials inside the time span allotted for concluding the effort. In line with the foregoing statement, the MoE has planned to hire the services of consultant organizations that are in possession of the will, commitment and necessary expertise to carry out the task of producing and delivering general education curriculum materials. Therefore, this expression of interest is prepared to invite competent local consultant organizations and firms.

2. Objective of the Assignment

The main objective of the consultancy service is, thus, to produce major curriculum materials including content flow charts, minimum learning competencies, and syllabuses for use in the general education system of Ethiopia.

The specific objectives are:

  • Develop content flow charts for all subjects and grades of the four levels of the general education system
  • Develop minimum learning competencies for all subjects and grades of the four levels of the general education system
  • Design and develop syllabuses for all subjects and grades of the four levels of the general education system

3. Scope of the Assignment

In this consultancy service, the consultant is expected to undertake the following activities:

  • Recruit teams of competent professionals (material producers) to design and develop the materials Familiarize with the general education curriculum framework and other documents pertinent to the assignment
  • Review existing curricular materials and documents which include flowcharts, minimum learning competencies, syllabuses and other educational materials
  • Examine national and international documents and literature related to the materials to be produced to ensure the existence and observance of standards, relevance, comparability and transferability
  • Prepare and submit inception report including detailed work plan for the production of the materials
  • Liaise as appropriate and work in close cooperation with the MoE through its experts assigned as facilitators/contact persons
  • Produce and submit drafts, of each of the 4 main materials, that is, translated curriculum Frame Work content flowchart, minimum learning competency and syllabus successively, receive feedback and incorporate reflections as deemed necessary for further refinement of the materials undergoing rigorous process of development
  • Lead consultative and validation workshops organized by MoE after completing first drafts of each of the materials
  • Collect and organize inputs obtained from workshops and use them to revise the documents
  • Ensure timely correction and amendment
  • Finalize and submit the materials

Categories of LOTS

  1. Social Science (Content flow chart, Minimum Learning Competencies and Syllabus)
  2. Natural Science and Mathematics (Content flow chart, Minimum Learning Competencies and Syllabus)
  3.  Language (Content flow chart, Minimum Learning Competencies and Syllabus)
  4. Career and Technical Education (Content flow chart, Minimum Learning Competencies and Syllabus)

Therefore, the Ministry of Education now invites interested eligible consultant firms or organizations to express their interest for the above assignments

N.B Bidders shall take detail Documents of the assignments/services and required technical qualification criteria from ministry of Education, Procurement Service & Administration Directorate from old building 2nd floor during office hours (Monday to Friday) from 2:00 to 6:30 A.M & from 7:30 up to 9:30 PM o’clock local time.

The Expression of interest must be receipt. from and delivered to the address below

The deadline for the submission of the Expression of interest is up to October 5, 2020

The MOE reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications

Ministry of Education (MOE)

Procurement Service and Administration


Attention: W/ro Shewalem Mare Seid old Building



Addis Ababa, Ethiopia