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Mettu University Invites All Eligible Bidders for the Construction of Maintenance of Dinning, Kitchen and New Bed Rooms, Dormitory-T2 (Block 33)- Full, Finance Office-Full & Dormitory-T4 (Block No 35)

Invitation to Bid /Open for National Competitive Biddings/

1. Mettu University has a budget to be used for the different project Lots in 2013 E.C budget year. So the university invites all eligible bidders of category General Contractor of GC-6 or Building Contractor of BC-6 and above who fulfill the following requirements that should be attached with the application

  • VAT registration certificate, a valid Tax clearance certificate issued from Inland Revenue, Business organization registration certificate, trade license renewed for 2013 EC, Registration Certificate in the suppliers list under Public Procurement & Property Administration Agency for Domestic Bidders
  • Relevant professional certificate as appropriate

2. A complete set of bidding document may be purchased at Mettu University procurement Directorate office upon submission of written application and a non-refundable fee of 500ETB (Five Hundred Ethiopian Birr) in cash starting from the first announcement day of the bid up to 21st calendar days.

3. All bids must be accompanied by the bid security at the Bidder’s option could be in the form of CPO (Certified cheque or Payable order,) or an unconditional Bank Guarantee addressed to the project title given in the table below and Securities issued by foreign banks shall be counter-guaranteed by an Ethiopian bank.



Project title


P. reference No

Bid Bond






50,000 ETB shall be Valid for 148 days


Maintenance of SEMINAR-BLOCK 5,6 And 7


Maintenance Work DORMITORY-T2 (BLOCK 33)- Full



Maintenance Work DHB-Finance Office-Full

Maintenance Work Dormitory-T4 (Block No 35)

4. Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the Open National tendering procedure contained in the public and procurement administration proclamation of the government.

5. Submission and opening of the bid (at Mettu University procurement Directorate office)

a) The deadline for Bid submission (both technical and financial offers independently) is: 21st Calendar day beginning from the first date of advertisement. If the 21st calendar day is a holiday the last bid submission date will be the next working day. Time: 10:00 AM (morning 4:00Local time) for lot-9 and 11:00 AM (morning 5:00Local time) for lot-10.

b) The Bid proposal opening is: 21st Calendar day beginning from the first date of advertisement. If the 21st calendar day is a holiday the last bid submission date will be the next working day. Time: 10:15 AM (morning 4:15Lecal time) for lot-9 and 11:15 AM(morning 5:15Local time) for lot-10.

C) Bidders are required to submit bid documents in two envelopes containing the technical and financial proposals separately.

d) The Bidder shall prepare and submit original and copies of the technical part of the bid sealed in separate envelopes and clearly marking each as Original & Copy. Bidders shall not indicate their price in their technical offer.

e) The Bidder shall prepare and submit original and copies of the financial offer (Bid price Schedule) in separately sealed envelopes, clearly marking each as Original & Copy.

f) The original and all copies of Technical Bid should be placed in Sealed Envelope clearly marked as “TECHINICAL BID” and the Original and all Copies of financial bid in sealed envelope clearly marked as “FINANCIAL BID” and warnings: DO NOT OPEN with the financial bid. And failure to do the above things will result automatic rejection from the tender.

g) The Bidder shall submit the BID BOND/ Guarantee in a separate/third/ envelope clearly marking it as Bid Guarantee. The three envelopes shall then be enclosed inside one big envelope, all together.

h) Only financials offers of those bidders who score the minimum qualifying point and above as per the tender document, will be opened on the financial opening date.

i) Any attempt of submission of forged/false document and/or indication of financial offer on the technical proposal shall result in rejection of the bid.

j) The public body shall not bear any responsibility for misplacement of technical document in the financial document or vise versa, which result in rejection of the bid.

6. The Intended completion date of the whole of the works shall be 180 calendar day

7. All other relevant documents should be submitted as per the requirements of the Bid Data.

8. The Public Body reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to annul the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to Bidders.

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