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Messebo Cement Factory PLC. (MCF PLC) Invites Eligible Bidders for the Supply of Different Materials



Messebo Cement Factory PLC. (MCF PLC) invites eligible bidders for the supply of

  • Lot I Ethylene Glycol 99% for synthesis, Grinding aid tablets (HMPA 20), PlatinumCrucible 99.9 Percent with 50 MI Volum, Silica Jell & Volmetric Pipette Glass 25ml
  • Lot II Conference Sound System with all Accessories, Dual Full Montarbo Sound System & Smart & Touch Screen Web Cam Built-in 65″

For lot two As per the attached two pages picture (specification)

  1.  Bid document can be collected from Addis Ababa Messebo Cement FactoryLiaison Office Wegagen Bank Building 3rd floor in front of Stadium or MekelleMessebo Cement Factory Plc Head office effective from the day of 1stannouncement against payment of non-refundable Birr 100.00
  2.  Bidders must submit valid trade license renewed for 2012/13 EthiopianCalendar and VAT register certificate.
  3. All Bid must submit their bids in wax-sealed and stamped envelopes on orbefore the closing date which is October, 30/2013 E.C 4:00 (Local time)andwould be addressed and marked as follows.Messebo Cement Factory PlcMekelleP.O. Box: 916Telephone 0342410085/0344405806Fax: +251 -344 408036/410863Messebo site,Mekelle, Ethiopia
  4.  Bidders must submit their technical and financial offers in two copies separatelyby coming in person to Messebo Cement Factory head office, Mekelle
  5. . Bids will be opened on October 30/2013 E.C 4:15 (Local time) in the presenceof interested bidders or their representatives who choose to attend atMessebo Cement factory Plc Head office.
  6.  Bids must be accompanied by bid guarantee of 2% of the total price in theform of C.P.O.
  7. All bids that come after closing date of the tender will be rejected.
  8. It must show the price Before VAT & After VAT
  9. Messebo Cement Factory Plc reserves the right to reject the bid fully orpartially of the bid.