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Melekam Eyeta Medical Services PLC (Biruh Vision Eye Specialty Center) Would Like To Employ the Services of Different Consulting Services

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Melekam Eyeta Medical Service PLCBid for consultancy services

Melekam Eyeta Medical services PLC (Biruh vision Eye Specialtycenter) would like to employ the services of a consultant for the following tasks

  1. perform due diligence of the company through assessment of the company’s current stage and past performance through document reviews and key interviews
  2. Develop company future growth plan (Business plan )
  3. Assess and provide a professional estimate of the company assets including goodwill to know how worthy the company in the current market
  4. Make recommendations and suggestions to company shareholders on the way forward required expertise

1. MA /MSCI MPH or above in development and management filed

2. Legal registered and with renewed licenses

3. Worked on similar consultancy service in health or related sectors

Interested applicants for consultancy service can submit a technical and finical proposal in separate Envelopes with 10 days from the announcement date.