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Lege Xafo Lege Dadi Town Administration Office with Its Budget Needs To Purchase BULLDOZER


  1.  Lege Xafo Lege Dadi TownAdministration Office with its budget needs to purchase BULLDOZER at Lege Tafo. Ref. No.LXLD FECO/BD. 02/2020
  2. Thus, the town Administration Finance and Economy Cooperation Office now invites all interested bodies. Hence, all of the bidders shall submit A. Renewed Certificate of registration for this budget year (2013 E C) and. Renewed Trade License for this budget year (2013 E C)C. Registration of Trade Certificate for this budget year (2013 E C)D. VAT Registration Certificate.E. TIN Certificate,F. Tax clearance certificate valid during the bidding period from Oromia/FederalRevenue & Customs Authority.G. PPA’s Suppliers registration listCertificate or full information about bidder
  3. All bids Must be accompanied by a bid security in CPO or bank guarantee of Birr 100,000.00(One hundred thousand) birr valid for 90 days after the date of bid opening, the bid security must be addressed “LTLD CITYADM. FIN. ECO. COOPERATION” separately.
  4.  All documents will be submitted according to guidelines given instruction to bidders.
  5. Bidding document shall be purchased at Lege Xafo Town AdministrationFinance and Economy CooperationOffice with a non-returnable fee of Birr 200.00 (two hundred Birr) starts from the date of the announcement for 15 working days and hours, at Commercial Bank ofEthiopia Account No. 1000061739274
  6. Submission and opening of the bid. The deadline for bid submission shall be on16th day of the announcement from 2:30-4:00 local time, simultaneously it will be opened on the same date at 4:30 local time but if the 16th-day holiday, it will be conducted on the next working day at Lege Xafo TownAdministration Finance and EconomyCooperation Office.
  7. . Lege Xafo Lege Dadi TownAdministration Finance and EconomyCooperation Office Reserved the right to reject partially or this entire bid.
  • The Office has full right to partially or totally reject the bid.
  • Adress: Lege Xafo Lege Dadi TownAdministration Dessie Mekele Avenue21 KM away from FinfineTelephone: 0116679108Lege Xafo Lege Dadi TownAdministration Finance andEconomy Cooperation Office