LBDC Is Looking To Hire a Seasoned and Qualified Communication and Public Relations Firm To Co-design Its Corporate Communication and Public Relations Strategy.

Deadline Extended:


FDRE Land Bank and Development Corporation (LBDC) is a newly established for profit government enterprise tasked with creating a methodical and inclusive national landholding development, management and administration system for maximization of socio-economic profit.

LBDC has three strategic pillars, Federal Landholding Management and Administration, Landholding Business Development (Joint Ventures and the like) and Federal Landholding Development.

In line with its strategic pillars, it will work towards designing of strategic directions and development of implementation roadmaps to be carried out both at an institutional level and in collaboration with stakeholders. The establishment of LBDC is viewed as key accelerator of our home-grown economic reform agenda and key intervention in fostering our investment climate both for foreign and domestic investor as well as creating dignified jobs for our youth.

In order to ensure effective and efficient delivery of its mandate, LBDC is looking to hire a seasoned and qualified Communication and Public Relations Firm to co-design its corporate Communication and Public Relations Strategy.

Scope of Work:

         Conduct international base line assessment as per organization mandate and pre-strategy designing phase.

         Develop a Business Communication Strategy, both national and international.

         Develop a Public Relation Strategy, both national and international.

         Develop Public Forum/ Public Event / Public Engagement design and implementation manual.

         Co-pilot both strategies with the FDRE Land Bank and Development Corporation.


         12 months from contracting date.

Start Date:

         Immediately

Eligibility Requirements:

         Communication and Public Relations firm with renewed license for current Ethiopian financial year with 6 plus years of corporate level work experience.

         Capacity to provide a dedicated corporate client personnel, not less than 2 personnel at a time.

         3 years and above work experience with governmental institutions.

         Firm with 1million birr and above working capital.

Experience working with both private and public sector institution is a pulse.

Firms eligible and interested should submit Technical and Financial Proposal in separate envelops to FDRE Land Bank and Development Corporation on or before March 11th 2020 12:30 Pm:

LBDC Main Office Located Next to Century Mall

Arada Sub-City Wereda 09 House # New Phone: (+251) 118-625-969

For Follow up and additional information:  

Email:  [email protected] (With a Subject Line LBDC PR and Communication Consultancy Enquiry)