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Land O’lakes Venture 37 Video Storytelling and Documenting Impact of Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture and Livelihood Activities of Growth Through Nutrition Project (GTN)

Land O’lakes Venture 37

Request for quotation (RFQ)

Video storytelling and documenting the impact of nutrition-sensitive agriculture  and livelihood activities of growth through nutrition project (GTN)

Land O’lakes Venture 37

Gurdsholla Road, ILRI Addis Ababa Campus,

Sub-city: Bole

Contact person: tewodros seyoum

Tel No +251911702579 & Amare Feleke

Tel no:+251911338076

REQ  title: GTN-Video storytelling and documenting  

Date issued: September 20, 2020

Closing date; 02 October 2020



Bids will be received in two ways either submitting i to our office and or electronically to the following email (electronically submission is more recommender but it preferred to submit physically you should call first to Tewodros Seyoum Tel no. 0911702579 lo request gale permit)

Term of Reference (TOR)

I. Background

Growth through Nutrition is USAID/Ethiopia’s five year (2016 -2021) flagship integrated and multi-sector nutrition and water sanitation and health (WASH) project that is implemented by a consortium led by Save the Children International (SCI). The activity is expanding and implementing strategies to increase the reach and sustainability of interventions down to household level, increase ownership and involvement of government, increase engagement with the private sector, layer with other USAID and partner activities to maximize impact, and introduce mechanisms to protect poor households Investment gains and assets during drought or other crises.

The objective of Growth through Nutrition is to improve the nutritional status of women and young children in four regions Amhara, Oromia, SNNP, and Tigray-focusing on the first 1,000 days.

Growth through Nutrition project is designed to work across government, private sector, and community-based organizations to implement intensified multi-sectoral nutrition programming at all levels, and link development and emergency efforts to build resiliency and sustainability. The activity supports the Government of Ethiopia to build and strengthen institutional systems and the human resources needed to implement sustainable multi-sector nutrition programming and achieve its National Nutrition Program goals.

Growth through Nutrition targets all kebeles in at least 100 woredas – 80 AGP or ‘productive’ woredas, and 20 food -insecure’ or PSNP woredas – in the four large regions of Ethiopia: Amhara, Oromia, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR) and Tigray and has delivered nutrition-specific and sensitive interventions combined with behavior change communications. It will target 40 woredas with water point development and rehabilitation interventions. The GOE in consultation with the regional bureaus, USAID, and SCI has selected the 100 woredas.

Growth through Nutrition aims to reach and benefit up to four million people in the targeted woredas through health service improvements; increased production and availability of quality food, and WASH products and services, including increasing access to safe water; and social behavior change and communication for nutrition. The activity will reach approximately one million pregnant women and children under two with direct support to prevent stunting. Additionally, it will expand USAID’s work with most vulnerable households to increase their access to improved vegetable seeds, poultry, and small livestock for 28,000 beneficiaries thru agricultural growth programming.

Growth through Nutrition promotes diversity in agricultural production and the diets of household members, emphasizing more nutritious and productive varieties of vegetables, fruits, legumes, bio- fortified crops,and small livestock and support better use of inputs and cultivation practices. The activity also helps to increase the market availability of diverse foods, and begins to address concerns of food safely and post-harvest losses. One of the Growth Through Nutrition strategies is providing direct support to the most vulnerable households (MVHHs), identified through screening households to identify nutrition and economic vulnerability. The criteria include food-insecure households with children under two years of age, or pregnant women. Direct support is then provided to diversify MVHH’s production and consumption of food products (agricultural and livestock), and to diversity their livelihoods to foster economic strengthening, and to enable the purchase of nutritionally diverse foods.

Land O’Lakes Venture37 seeks a documentary video production company to create four short video documentary films that capture the impact of the project on beneficiaries’ nutritional status and livelihoods.

II. Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the video project is to bring to life the impact of the nutrition-sensitive agriculture approach implemented by Growth Through Nutrition by using human-centric storytelling. The selected bidder will develop four videos from the captured footage:

3 long-form videos (max. 3 minutes each) that showcase a full story of how someone’s livelihood and/or family’s nutritional status has been impacted by Growth through Nutrition

One “promo” video (max. 30 seconds) that acts as a sizzle reel or trailer of the overall impact of the project. (Likely will utilize the same footage.)

The videos should provide a clear and compelling narrative story from the beneficiary’s perspective about the impacts of the project intervention. The narrative shall be focused on personal testimony stories of MVHH that have benefited from the project while at the same time involving other members of the community including Government and partner organizations as relevant.

The videos will bring to life the human story of the impact of Growth through Nutrition. The videos will focus on one or more people whose life was changed for the better because of the program. While the videos focus on the impact of the individual or family, it should also illustrate the broader methodology and accomplishments of the project in terms of sustainability and overall impact. As stated above, this assignment will result in three two videos no longer than 3 minutes each (and no shorter than 2 minutes), one 30 second video, and 5-10 stills.

Key Messages include the following:

  • Benefits of diversified agricultural and crop production.
  • Benefits of diversified diets leading to improved nutrition
  • New livelihood and income-earning opportunities.

USAID Feed the Future and the American people funded the program to improve the nutrition levels of vulnerable and food-insecure households in Ethiopia.


  • Consult documents from the project, conduct intial meetings with the project team and communications department to agree on overall structure of the documentary film including length, style and other details
  • Develop a narrative concept and scenario and skeletal structure of the documentary film
  • Visit the project sites and interact with stakeholders impacted by the project collect data to inform documentary
  • Identify locations and subjects for filming and/or existing footage as appropriate
  • Develop the documentary script and storyboard to be used in the film.
  • Get approval from Land o’lakes Venture37 to move to production


Conduct Filming in accordance with Land O’Lakes Venture 37 and Save the Children’s child policies and guidelines.

Post Production

  • Present first cut edit of the videos Land O’Lakes Venture 37 and Save the Children for review and comments.
  • Edit and produce the final videos and provide the video files in format appropriate for social media and other uses.
  • Include English or Amharic subtitles in accordance with Land O’lakes Venture 37 and Save the Children brand guidelines.

III. Scope of the work

  • 3 long-form videos (max. 3 minutes each) that showcase a full story of how someone’s livelihood and/or family’s nutritional status has been impacted by Growth through Nutrition.
  • 1 “promo” video (max. 30 seconds) that acts as a sizzle reel or trailer of the overall impact of the project. (Likely will utilize the same footage.)
  • Filming locations will be determined by Land O’Lakes Venture 37 in consultation with Save the Children.

IV. Language

  • The documentary film will be produced in Amharic with English language subtitle.

V. Deliverables

  • The production firm has the following deliverables:
  • Submit a draft storyboard and script for the documentary to Land o’Lakes Venture 37 and Save the Children for approval before filming;
  • Submit a final storyboard and script after integrating Venture37 Save the Children’s and partners’ input; Present draft documentary to Venture 37 and Save the Children and incorporate comments where appropriate;
  • Produce an edited version of the scenarios captured, footage of the recorded stories and excerpts from previously filmed activities as well as the B-Roll
  • Present two copies of the complete 20 minute documentary film and a 5 minute version of the same
  • documentary with English Subtitles in a DVD

VI. Requirements

The video production company must fulfill the following requirements:

  • At least five years of progressive experience in undertaking similar activities especially in producing documentary films or videos on pressing development issues particularly related to livelihoods.
  • At least five years of experience working on similar projects with International and Local NGOs
  • Excellent technical capacity to ensure smooth and high quality production (staff and video production equipment) Ability to deliver high quality products within tight deadlines Ability to work independently
  • Ability to present CVs and credentials of producer or director who will lead this specific task (We prohibit submission of CVS for people who will not participate in this particular task. This will disqualify vendor)
  • Present a valid commercial registration certificate/ business license; tax payers registration certificate and company profile
  • Willing to Undergo Land O’Lakes Venture 37 and Save the Children branding orientation.
  • The final video productions will be approved by SCI and land O’lakes venture 37,

VII. Duration of the Assignment

  • The assignment should be completed within 30 days (including weekends)  from the dots of content signing.

VIII, Roles and Responsibilities

  • Roles and responsibilities of the documentary  fire production firm
  • The firm shall work in close consultation with a designated  focal person of land O’lakes Venture 37 or SCI
  • Produce and deliver the agreed-upon videos in Amharic with English subtitles
  • The firm shall ensure the production  of the documentary film takes into consideration core  land O’Lakes Venture 37 and save the children policies such as child safeguarding  Policy, consent forms branding guidelines and other relevant requirements

IX, Roles and responsibilities of land O’Lakes Verture 37  

  • Land O’lakes  Venture 37 as the production firm completes the assignment in time .these shall include;
  • Prepare and sign contractual agreement
  • Effect payment as per the contract agreement
  • Appoint a local person for day to –day activities and provide timely feedback
  • Provide access to relevant project documents
  • Facilitate and provide support to the production firm as it pertains to working with relevant stakeholders.  

X. Copyright

All materials arising out of this documentary film production work shall remain the property of Land O’Lakes Venture 37.

XI Remuneration

  • Form of payments shall be scheduled as follow :
  • 20% Upon submission and Approval of Work plan, schedule, and storyboard,
  • 30% Upon submission and approval of  first -out to the videos.
  • 50% Upon submission of final videos  and still photos from filming as deliverables


Interested Firms/Groups/Individuals should submit a proposal  in response to the TOP, which should include the following

  • Signed cover letter explaining your credentials why you are the most suitable to complete the video file Production service
  • CV for director of producer and technical proposal that includes (crew composition and contact address, related past projects in lost 3 years (with client name, contact and amount of the project),
  • Detailed financial proposal indicating  consultancy fee and a breakdown of expenses (unit price together with any other expenses) related to the assignment .
  • Evidence on CD or online of at  least two relevant documentary video projects which is the applicant’s own previous work

XIII) Right to Cancel Solicitation and Reject Offers.

Land O’Lakes Venture 37 reserves the right to accept or reject any offer or cancel or reissue this RFO without signing any reason

XV) Expenses relating to submission of quotation

Issuance of this RFO in no way obligates Land O’lakes to award a contract or purchase order and bidders will not be reimbursed for any costs associated with the preparation of this bid. All preparation and submission costs are of the bidder’s expense.