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JSI/DHA Would Like To Hire a Private Limited Information Technology Company To Do the Development and Deployment of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) To the Health Centers at Tigray Region

Request for Expression of Interest (EOI)

EOI Number: DHA GRANT/EO1-001/2020

Issuance Date September 30, 2020

Deadline for Submission of EOI: October 7, 2020


Deadline for submission of Questions and proposal development workshop: October 5, 2020 all questions and requests for clarification regarding this EOI must be submitted in writing via email to: diagrant and during the workshop


John Snow, Inc. (JSI) is managing USAID DHA PROJECT (JSI DHA), funded by U.S. Agency for International Development and works with Ministry of Health to support the Government of Ethiopia (GOE) to improve the quality of health services and create a sustainable health care system through the use of data for decision making, as well as to provide similar services to other countries in Africa or to respond to a crisis in Ethiopia (as needed).

JSI/DHA would like to hire a private limited Information Technology company to do the development and deployment of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to the health centers at Tigray region. With this objective, JSI DHA has planned to invite all interested eligible local private technology companies for EMR to submit their Expression of Interest /EO/ for the provision of this service under section II:

All applicants are required to fulfill the mandatory requirements stated here below in order to be eligible to participate in this process.

  1. Applicants must have a valid and renewed business license as exactly presented on their EOI document.
  2. Applicants must be VAT registered.
  3. Applicants must be specialized in the area that they are applying for.
  4. Applicants must possess the necessary professional and technical qualifications and competence, financial resources, equipment and other physical facilities including permanent physical address and office.
  5. Applicants must have an experience in the business & working with other local and international government organizations and Non-Government Organizations, Universities and Agencies
  6. Ability to develop and deploy the EMR services at the health facilities.
  7. Applicants are not insolvent, and their business activities have not been suspended, and they are not the subject of legal proceedings

II. Scope of Expression of Interest

Pre – qualified applicants are sought to be a competent and potential technology company and who can provide relevant evidences which may attests their status for the provision of the service that are listed below.

  •  The Local tech company is expected to develop, implement, and maintain a full Electronic Medical Record (EMR) at three health centers in Tigray based on the EMR requirements of MOH and RHB;
  • The local tech company is expected to install the hardware and networking required for the implementation of the EMR,
  • The local tech company is expected to build capacity of MOH, RHB, woreda, and health center staff on use, management, and maintenance of the application that will be implemented in the three health centers and
  • The Local Tech company will work with relevant stakeholders in defining the EMR standards, developing infrastructure standards that must be in place for a hospital to roll out an EMR system, and then, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders and grantees, supporting the translation of requirements into technical specification and dissemination and supporting the building/ customization of a demonstration EMR system to lest in multiple settings. All activities will be undertaken in collaboration between Mekelle University, DHA, DUP, and MOH

III How to Apply

In order to be considered as a potential local tech company, interested applicants should follow the guideline below on how to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI)

  1. Interested organizations shall submit the Company Profile Information to JSI via email address to, dhaorant@etisi com till October 7, 2020
  2. The applicants shall submit the following documents in PDF format via email address mentioned above::
  • Mandatory legal documents stated Section I
  • The evidence should show that the applicant is providing such kind of IT services that is mentioned under section Il or other related IT services,
  • Any other relevant documents to support your application

3. In order to be considered in this expression of interest,all applicants must submit the above listed documents via email to: until October 7, 2020. For any update or question you can use the mentioned email above.

Any EOls received after the closing date and time will not be considered.

This call for Expression of Interest (EOI) does not constitute a solicitation.

We do not require financial proposals or quotations at this stage, we merely seek your expression of interest in participating in the supply of the services Iisted under section II