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International Medical Corps An International NGO Registered and Licensed in Ethiopia, Is Looking To Invite Eligible Companies That Have Good Capacity and Satisfactory Performance – Consultant Firm for GIS Mapping and Analysis of the Water Supply Coverage for Awu-bere and Sheder- as Per TOR


INVITATION TO TENDER – Consultant Firm for

GIS mapping and analysis of the coverage on

water infrastructure for Awubere and Sheder

International Medical Corps an international NGO registered and licensed in Ethiopia, is looking to invite eligible companies that have good capacity and satisfactory performance – Consultant firm for GIS mapping and analysis of the water supply coverage for Awu-bere and Sheder- as per TOR. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information regarding the bid document from the International Medical corps (IMC) Head Office, Addis Ababa, located around Meskel flower, at the back of Nazera Hotel,


The overall objective of the assignment is to develop a GIS mapping of Awu-bere and Sheder refugee camps of the water system infrastructures and households and show relative location of the water points with in buffer zone of 100 and 200 meters radius and analyse coverage of the water points in the camps. Besides, mapping/showing details of existing water supply infrastructures including other associated features pipe networks, water points, offices, camp facilities, schools, and health facilities in the camps.

Essential requirements

  • Valid E.C 2012 business license, copy of TIN and VAT registration certificate.
  • Must present financial quotations in two envelopes clearly marked as original and copy stamped & wax sealed
  • Must clearly state physical address of their company offices including telephone address and contact person for further verification by IMC.
  • Provide company profile, CV, past performance record on similar works and other relevant credentials etc.
  • Prices must be quoted in Birr only per unit including VAT

Tender submission conditions

  1. Interested eligible bidders can collect TOR with RFQ at International Medical Corps head office with registration and signing on the registration book in Addis Ababa from Oct. 12.2020 to Oct. 16.2020
  2. Tender documents must be submitted to International Medical Corps head office with registration and signing on the registration book in Addis Ababa on Oct 19, 2020 before 4pm.
  3. One copy of the Technical and Financial proposal in separate envelopes should be submitted in a sealed covered envelope at the head office.
  4. Tender envelopes must be sealed and stamped. Open envelopes will not be accepted.
  5. IMC will not accept tender documents after the date and time indicated on no 2 above.
  6. IMC reserves the right to partially or fully reject the bid for any reason

Tender opening

Tender opening will be on Oct. 20, 2020 at 10:30am in International Medical Corps office. Bidders are very much encouraged to attend the bid opening process. However in the absence of bidders, International Medical Corps will continue with the bid opening and evaluation process

For more information, Please Contact Netsanet Yirdaw,

Tell: +251 114-701064 or +251 114-701033


International medical Corps

Kirkos Sub city, Kebele 02, house no 226.

Behind Nazra Hotel, Meskel Flower road

Telephone no. (251) 0114-701033

Fax no. (251) 0114-700847

Po Box. 2314