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1. Background The Competitiveness and Job Creation project (CJCP) is the project of the Ethiopian Government, financed by the World Bank. The project contributes to job creation by attracting investment and improves competitiveness of the targeted industrial parks and their linked domestic enterprises. The CJC Project has four components: (a) Component 1: Institutional and regulatory framework and capacity building (b) Component 2: Support for industrial infrastructure (c) Component 3: Enhancing IP linkages to the local economy (d) Component 4: Project Management and Monitoring and Evaluation. The Technical Assistance provision aims to increase economic spillovers from the IPs through transfer of knowledge. The main aim of the TA provision is also to strengthen the capacity and capabilities of the local SMEs to supply quality products/services to firms operating in Bole Lemi-I IP & other IPs in Ethiopia. The TA program will support (i) Training for SMEs at Management, Supervisory & Operator levels; (ii) Assist meeting compliance requirements (Social/Environmental) and firm Nomination; (iii) Enhancing productivity, system development and certifications; (iv) Supporting SME marketing capabilities and strengthening B2B linkages with IPs. In the short to medium term, the Technical Assistance support is expected to increase local sourcing of products/services from SMEs to FDI firms in IPs. The program aims to support at least 35 SMEs with Technical Assistance provision, of which at least 25 TA beneficiaries SMEs with linkage support to sales their products/services to firms in Industrial Parks by June 2021 (of which 50% women owned SMEs).

Technical Assistance Intervention: The proposed TA intervention aligned  with the project objective and mandate will focus on the following  major activities based on the specified needs;

  1.  Technical Assistance to selected SMEs in preparation of Technical Assistance Plans, strengthening SME marketing capacity, enhancing  B2B linkages of SMEs with FDI firms in IPs, and identifying and  facilitating exposure visit to learn on how to enhance B2B market  linkages.
  2.  Provide Training for SMEs at Management, Supervisor and  operator level and TA for Enhancing SMEs Productivity and System Development.
  3.  Compliance requirements based on Social/Environmental international standards; Firm Nomination; and certification.
  4.  Hiring individual consultants/experts for selected SMEs Management of TA Provision: Management of TA provision is headed by a linkage Fund Manager and supported by TA linkage team who will report to Project Coordinator-IPDC-CJCP and the Technical Assistance Steering Committee (TASC) which oversees the implementation and performance of the Technical Assistance Provision.

Type of Support to Firms: Upon selection, TA Service provider firm shall prepare a Technical Assistance Plan (TAP), which is intended to help enhance their capacity to establish business linkages with buyer firms within the Bole Lemi Industrial Park. If selected for support, SMEs will receive Technical Assistance support through selected service providers for implementation of their Technical Assistance Plan. SMEs will be assisted for the preparation of their TAP by the service provider firm.

2. Call for Technical Assistance Application and Submission of  Eligibility Questionnaire

The IPDC AJC-PIU invites eligible SMEs to submit application of Technical Assistance (Submission of filled Eligibility Questionnaire).

Technical Assistance beneficiaries: Technical Assistance will be provided to both eligible manufacturing and service sector SMEs with priority to women owned SMEs who have linkages or can show potential for linkages with FDI firms in IPs.

Eligibility Criteria: For the Technical Assistance, a SME must meet the following criteria.

i. An Ethiopian established and registered business owned by either Ethiopian National or Diaspora owned or a JV with foreigner

ii. Must have already running business

iii. Must have business license to operate business in Ethiopia issued  by Government;

iv. Must be having a running bank account in firm name and preferably  having audited financial statements for last 3 years;

v. Fulfilling criteria to be categorized under Small and Medium  Enterprises (SMEs)

vi. Having tax clearance certificate from the Government

vii. Availability of machinery and equipment to produce specific  products/service required by FDI firms in IPs

viji. SMEs must have linkages or proven potential with IP firms

ix. SMEs with products such as Carton Box, Poly bag, Buttons, needles,  paper stickers, non-woven levels, papers, finished leather, fabrics and other ancillary products required by FDI firms are eligible for support

X. SME service providers such as security, cafeteria, HR firm, Audit firm etc. which are already working with FDI firms are eligible for such support.

3. Screening and Selection Process for TA Provision Recipients

In order to qualify to receive a Technical Assistance, applicant SMEs  will go through different stages of screening process set out according to the Technical Assistance operational manual.

4. How and Where to Submit Proposals

Interested firms meeting the above criteria should complete a Questionnaire that can be downloaded from or hard copies can be picked from the IPDC-CJC project office at the address  below.

The filled Questionnaires with the listed attachments prescribed in the  questionnaire shall be submitted to:

Ato Tesema Geda, Project Coordinator

Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC), CJCP, 3rd floor Room No.307

Bishangari Building, Comoros Street (Opposite to Kenyan Embassy),

P.O.Box 5723 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Deadline: SMEs need to fill the Eligibility Questionnaire which must be submitted by 5.00 PM on or before 20th July 2020

For further information, please contact; Ato Ewnetu Wodaje,: Tel. 011

6678780, email:  and a copy email to  

or Ato G/Hiwot G/Tatyos, Tel. 011 6678780,

email:  and a copy email to  

NB: Women owned SMEs will be given priority and are highly encouraged to apply