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IFH Engineering PLC Intended To Sublet the Foundation Investigation Work of Two (2) Bridge Locations

Invitation to Bid for Foundation Investigation of Bridges

Project Name: Construction of Package 37

Lot-1: R.R. Junction Improvement Project

Contract II: Saris Abo & Lebu Intersection Project

Our company China First Highway Engineering Co. LTD has signed a Contract with Addis Ababa Roads Authority for the referenced above. The Project is located in Saris Abo & Lebu area, Addis Ababa.

And we intended to sublet the foundation investigation work of two (2) Bridge locations.

The Geotechnical Investigation of the bridge locations shall be conducted to characterize the soil layers, the ground water conditions, scour depth and the bearing capacity of the soil. There are 41 estimated borehole points to be drilled on this bridge site. Which total drilling depth is around 1185 meters estimated. As the project is very sensitive and need to be completed very soon, the Geotechnical Investigation Company must own at least two modern drilling machines to make sure that bridge investigation program will not be disturbed due to mechanical faults of the machine. The Geotechnical Investigation Company should complete the whole of the works and submit final reports within 45 days.

For further information, you can contact us through our telephone No.: (+251943302095/+251-11391971, +251944061698) before September 21, 2020 it float on the newspaper. The Terms of Reference (TOR) for Technical Document preparation can be obtained by submitting official request through our e-mail address ( with the attachment of the required legal registration document in Ethiopia (Taxpayer Registration Certificate, VAT Registration Certificate “Tax Clearance Certificate and Business License) renewed for 2012 E.C.

We will not be responsible for any costs/ expenses incurred by the bidders in connection with site visits, preparation and delivery of bids.

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