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Humedica E.V Ethiopia We Invite Interested Firms for the Planned 2020 Trainings, and Can Collect the TOR from Our Office

Humedica e.V Ethiopia

Invitation for Consultancy Service

Humedica e.V is an international Non Governmental Organization working in humanitarian activity in Ethiopian since February 2010. Humedica e. V is focusing on health and related activities to support and strengthen the community in Ethiopia different regions. One of our projects is located in Somali regional state Melkadida and Kobe wereda, in which we are supporting the refugees by giving free health service and building the capacity of government health staffs by providing necessary trainings to upgrade their knowledge. For this capacity building training humedica use qualified and registered firms which has license to provide health trainings.

There are different trainings that have been conducted for the last 9 years of the project life time and most of them are TOT and basic trainings. Most of the trainings are like, PMTCP, IMNCI, Health Management etc. As we are providing for the health staffs working in the refugee camp we always choose Hawasa city because it has facilities for hospital attachment, service for trainees and compare to Addis Ababa it is near to the project.

In addition to this TOT and basic trainings we also provide camp level trainings by sending specialists like Dermatologist, Ophthalmologist, and Gynecologist etc to the project area and they will give on job training in the field for maximum of 12 days.

Therefore, we invite interested firms for the planned 2020 trainings, and can collect the TOR from our Office.

If you are interested you can submit firm/consultant profile with key staff CV, renewed license, as per the TOR, technical and financial proposals separately, certification documents and recommendation letter to humedica e.V using the following email addresses. Binyam.k@humedica.


Deadline 10 consecutive days after the date of announcement days

Humedica e.V