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HelpAge International Would Like To Invite a Highly Experienced Training Institute To Provide Major NCDs Training for Fifty-three Health Extension Workers in Two Rounds of Training (4 Days Each)

Invitation for Major NCDs Training for Health Extension Workers

Help Age International (HAI) is a global network of organizations working with and for older people. HelpAge has been operating in Ethiopia for almost 25 years (since 1992) supporting older people in general and destitute and disadvantaged ones in particular. As the only agency primarily working for older people, HelpAge’s priority programs include income security, social care and support, inclusive health and wellbeing, emergency response, and resilience building.

Help Age International “Better Health for Older People in Africa – Needs-based and inclusive health care for older people and people with disabilities in Ethiopia” project is an innovative health system strengthening project that aims to support the Ministry of Health Ethiopia in widening its scope to improve the health of older people in 14 woredas across three regions. One of the major components of the program is to strengthen the capacity of health extension workers to provided screening and management services of NCDs services at the community level.

HelpAge International would like to invite a highly experienced Training Institute to provide Major NCDs Training for Fifty-three Health Extension workers in two rounds of training (4 days each).


A minimum of two senior clinicians who received major NCDs training of trainers provided by the ministry of health will be required to conduct the theoretical as well as the practical sessions. And the service providers will also need to have full equipment to carry out the practical session. The training institute is advised to clearly indicate how they are better qualified to undertake this task with detailed costs and budget breakdown. The institution is also required to revise the content of the draft program agenda by engaging senior professionals. Kindly also mention previous demonstrated experience in conducting similar activities will have added value.


Eligible training institutions can request the full document or TOR directly from hr.eth@help email address and will be sent accordingly.

  • criteria for evaluation
  • Renewed Business License on the respective area
  • TIN Certification,
  • VAT registration certificate
  • professional competency certificate
  • Proof of track record in the provision of similar services
  • All Quotations must be clearly presented in English or/and Amharic.


HelpAge International Ethiopia

Sub City, Kirkos, Woreda. 01

Axum Building 4th floor (on the way from Urael to Atlas

P.O.Box 3384

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


The Bidder shall submit the original of the bid in an envelope sealed and stamped for technical and financial proposals (including copies of renewed trade license, business registration license, taxpayer registration, VAT registration, and professional competency certificates).

All documents (technical and financial proposal) must be delivered physically to the address above or through email address  in pdf format on or before 3:00 PM (9:00 local time) on December 24, 2020. Please note that the submitted document will be opened by HAI procurement committee and the technical evaluation result will be posted on the HAI notice board and will be communicated by the bidders upon the completion of technical evaluation.

The winner will be obliged to issue a CPO or equivalent unconditional bank guarantee amounting to 5% of the estimated contract value in favor of HAI. The pass mark for technical evaluation is 70% and above.

Note: HelpAge International Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject any parts of the bid at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever.