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Hararghe Zone Water and Energy Resource Development Office Has Received a Budget from Oromia Water and Energy Resource Development Bureau To Cover Eligible Payment Under the Contract for the Construction of Civil Works, Supply and Installation of Pipe & Fittings, and Transportation & Installation of Electromechanical Equipment for “Borale Zone Phase I Water Supply Project” Located in East Hararghe Zone Gursum Woreda


Bid No:-NCB/EHZWERDO /RPS-1/2013 

1. The East Hararghe Zone Water and Energy Resource Development Office has received budget from Oromia Water and Energy Resource Development Bureau to cover eligible payment under the contract for the construction of civil works, Supply and installation of Pipe & fittings and Transportation & Installation of Electro mechanical equipment for “Borale Zone Phase I Water Supply Project” located in East Hararghe Zone Gursum woreda. 

2. Bid is open for all eligible bidders fulfilling the following criteria: 

2.1 Construction work License of WWC-3/ WWGC-3 and above renewed for the current budget year and those currently registered with the Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity, 

2.2 registered for VAT; Tax payer together with written application and Tax clearance certificate which states that the bidder is eligible to participate in any public tender and valid at least at the dead line for submission of the bids 

2.3 Evidence of /Being registered supplier under Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency (PPA) 

2.4 Have done more than two equivalent water supply projects with their systems and can attach the letter of good accomplishment from the client 

2.5 Bidder with poor efficiency of constructions Water Supply Installation and having been black listed in the region for none performing and termination of a project cannot compete for any bid. (Whenever recognized will automatically be rejected) 

2.6 Bidders who can deliver the ownership certificate or rental agreement of the essential construction equipment 

3. Bidding will be conducted through National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures and is open to all eligible bidders as specified and defined in the bidding document. 

4. Interested eligible bidders can be purchased the bid document as of days begin from the 1st (first) announcement date of this notice on newspaper during working days and hour from East Huarorghe Zone Finance and Economic Cooperation Office located around kebele 14/botea bay paying nonrefundable fee birr 500.00 (Five hundred birr only). 

5. bids must be accomplished by the bid security of ETB 400,000 (four hundred thousand birr valid for 90 days in the form of unconditional bank guarantee or CPO check only and shall be delivered to East Hararghe Zone Water and Energy Resource Development Office on or before 15 consecutive working days starting from the 1st announcement day up to 2:30 PM closing date at the address specified below. 

6. The bid security (C.P.O) shall be wax Sealed, stamped and signed in, separate envelope marked “Bid security” and shall be put in original technical document. 

7. Bidders shall submit the documents as described in ITB 23.1 

8. Bids will be opened on the same date of bid closing at 3:00 PM with the presence of the bidders and/ or their authorized representatives who are interested to attend at East Hararghe Zone Administration Office Hall, If there will be public holiday the closing and opening day of the bid will take place on the next working day at the same time and place. Late bid will be rejected 

9. Bids shall be valid for a period of ninety (90) days after bid opining 

10. Interested bidders may obtain further information from East Hararghe Zone Water and ENergy Resource Development Office Harar, P.O.Box 1133, Tel, 025 666 0570/ 0256661916, Fax 025 666 6811, kebele 18, Aretegna 

11. Originality of all submitted document must be checked in the bidding process by requesting required body through the mailing process or other mechanisms. 

12. The office reserves the right to accept or reject partial or all bids East Hararghe Zone Water and Energy Resource Development Office /Harar/ 

East Hararghe Zone Water and Energy Resource Development Office