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Forum of Federations Is Seeking Proposals from Qualified Consultants/Firms To Develop a Computerized Data Management System That Supports the House of Federation (HoF) To Effectively Store, Process, Analyze, and Share Data Related To Federal-state Fiscal Transfers and Revenue Sharing



The Forum of Federations is an international learning organization, headquartered in Canada and working on federal and devolved governance across the globe. As part of it’s long-term programming in Ethiopia, the Forum is seeking proposals from qualified Consultants/Firms to develop a computerized data management system that supports the House of Federation (HoF) to effectively store, process, analyze, and share data related to federal-state fiscal transfers and revenue sharing. The consultant will also be required to build capacity within the HoF to use and maintain the developed database and system.

Scope of Work

  •  Identify the need of the HoF and define the recommended model (hardware, software, data collection, report generation, etc.) for a computerized data management system.

Create a computerized data management system based on needs of all relevant users. The system should be accessible to and meet the needs of all concerned departments, officials, and experts at the secretariat of the HOF.

  • Establish protocols and operating procedures covering information security for data input, access, and storage in the data management system as well as database management. Procedures should assign clear roles in the system.
  • Support HOF staff in data entry, and ensure the workability of the system.
  • Develop a training manual describing the use of the system and deliver the training for the relevant staff of the HOF.

Expected Qualifications

The consultancy assignment requires a team of at least three capable consultants. Two of the members of the team should have adequate knowledge and practical experience in database needs analysis, design, installation, management and software development. The third team member should be an expert in intergovernmental governmental financial relations, including fiscal reporting and oversight issues and knowledge of the status and dynamics of fiscal data in Ethiopia.

Submission of Proposals

Potential consultants/ consulting firms are invited to collect TOR (including proposal requirements) for this assignment free of charge from our office or through email to or until June 27, 2020, and can submit both technical and financial proposal in separate and sealed envelope till July 18, 2020.