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FH Ethiopia Conducting Consultancy Service To Evaluate Conservational Agriculture Master Trainers Training.


FH Ethiopia is looking for a professional consultant/consulting firm who has the required skill and relevant experiences to convert ideas into illustration with required brief conversations as stated in the ToR and who has strong analytical background with experience in conducting similar assignments on conducting consultancy service to evaluate conservational Agriculture Master Trainers Training. Moreover, the key assignment includes to analyze on the question: How effective has the Master Trainer program been as a tool to encourage the scaling of conservation agriculture in Ethiopia? Need to be addressed including:

a) How has the Master Trainer program contributed to the capacity of master trainers? a) How has the Master Trainer program enabled master trainers to teach others? C) How can the Master Trainer program be made more effective? The evaluation team covers the issues under the five evaluation criteria namely: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, and impact of execution from the context of the action objectives.

The evaluation work is scheduled to be completed within a maximum of two months’ time from its commencement up to submission of the final report. The final outputs of the evaluation work includes but not limited to two copies of detailed report in English language binded hard copies and soft copy in MS Word and PDF is to be submitted by the consultant to FH Ethiopia office in Addis Ababa. Therefore, interested consultant/consultancy firm need to collect the TOR for the preparation of financial and technical documeni to participate in the bid from FH Ethiopia office found at the near SKY Light Hotel Addis Ababa, For 10 working Days, Starting From November 25, 2020.

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