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FDRE MOND-Army Foundation Invites All Eligible Bidders Who Are Interested To Supply Medals & Badge Machinery

Invitation For Bid International Competitive Bidding(ICB)

Tender Nº MOND-AF/OP-02/2020

International Competitive Bid for the Supply of Various

Medals and Badge Machinery

FDRE MOND-Army Foundation invites all eligible bidders who are interested to supply Medals & Badge Machinery ;

  1. Interested bidders should have submitted renewed business license, manufacturing certificate, authorization certificate, Registration certificate from their country of establishment
  2. Interested bidder should obtain bid document from Army foundation upon nonrefundable ETB 300.00 at working hours, from Monday to Friday until the closing date. The method of payment shall be in cash.
  3. Bids shall be accompanied by bid security the amount of specified in the tender document in the form of unconditional Bank Guarantee; in the name of MOND-ARMY FOUNDATION and shall remain valid for 120 days. Insurance bonds are not acceptable.
  4. Bidders should submit their bid document in a sealed envelope into the tender box prepared for this purpose at Addis Ababa Army foundation head office before the closing date and time. Bids submitted after the tender box has been sealed will be rejected and returned unopened.
  5. Since the date that the bid announced in the Ethiopian Herald newspaper it will be on air for the consequent 35 days. The bid will be closed at 2:00 Pm and open on the same day at 2:15 Pm. If the 35th day of the bid opening will be held on weekends or Ethiopian holidays, the opening day goes to the coming working day at the same closing and opening time.
  6. The document shall also be prepared in one original and one copy of Technical and Financial documents. The documents shall be signed, stamped and wax sealed in a separate envelope clearly marking document” Original” and “copy”
  7. Bidders are strictly advised to adhere to the terms and conditions set in the tender document.
  8. FDRE_MOND_Army Foundation reserves the full right to reject any of line items or all bids and the right to amend the total quantities as mentioned in the bid documents.
  9. Bidders may obtain further information from

MOND-Army foundation

Telephone No 011 557 2734

Fax. Number 011557 2796

Location:- around Mexico square.



FDRE MOND-Army Foundation