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Farm Africa Crops Production Request for Expression of Interest To Conduct Marketing Potential Assessment in Dollo Ado and Bokolmanyo Woredas of Somali Region, Ethiopia.

Request for Expression of Interest

TO Conduct crops production and marketing potential assessment in Dollo Ado and Bokolmanyo Woredas of Somali Region, Ethiopia.

Farm Africa is an international charitable organization whose goal is to reduce poverty by enabling marginal African smallholder farmers and pastoralists to make sustainable improvements to their wellbeing through more effective management of natural resources. Accordingly, in collaboration with the World Food Programme (WFP) and Mercy Corps, Farm Africa is implementing a project entitled “Innovative Approaches to Building Resilience for Refugees and Host Communities in Ethiopia (2018-2022) From Relief to Self-Reliance”. This specific intervention is implemented in Dollo Ado and Bokolmanyo Woredas of Somali Region, Ethiopia through funding from the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida). The project is grounded up on solid development problems that include, but not limited to: influx of refugees from neighbouring Somalia and associated impacts on host communities and on environmental resources, increasing frequency and intensity of hydro-meteorological hazards such as drought and flooding; land resources degradation; institutional and human capacity gaps, and limited access to land, markets, and marketing infrastructure

The main objective of the project is to improve income and food security of host and refugee communities through innovative agricultural practices, natural resource management and market development and has the following outcomes.

  1. Refugees and host populations have increased food production at community and household level through better agricultural and pastoral productivity;
  2. Refugees and host populations have increased income and diversified livelihoods;
  3. Refugees and host communities have benefitted from improved household and community access to efficient markets, social behavior change and communication, and alternative energy value chain, and
  4. Refugees and host communities have benefitted from the establishment of an enabling environment through enhanced stakeholder coordination, institutional arrangements for land allocation and financial access,


The main objective of the assessment is to produce objective information on potentials for imigation-based crop production and marketing in Dollo Ado and Bokolmanyo Woredas of Somali Region, Ethiopia. Its specific objectives are to

  • A. Assess site and crop-specific production and productivity potentials of selected crops (and crop varieties) in Dollo Ado and Bokolmanyo Woredas with a focus on three irrigation sites (Buramino, Godbokol, and Kole)
  • B. Assess input and output prices, consumer demands, and market destinations of selected crop products;
  • C. Assess site specific production and market risks including mitigation measures with a focus on three irrigation sites (Buramino, Godbokol, and Kole);
  • D. Develop site-specific crop calendars and crop-suitability maps in the two project woredas and
  • E. Recommend better crop production and marketing approaches and techniques

Qualifications and Required Competencies of Consultant/firm:

Applications from individuals or teams are welcome and will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate the following qualifications and competencies: The team should comprise experts with an MSc and above academic qualification in the fields of agronomy (1), agro-meteorology/agro-climatology (1); GIS and remote sensing (1), Crop protection (1), and agricultural economics/marketing (1)

The service provider should have a minimum of 10 years of practical experience in the fields of agronomy, agro-meteorology, plant sciences, crop protection; plant breeding, and related fields. The team of experts should have demonstrated practical experience in conducting similar assessments,

The lead consultant and team of experts should possess strong analytical, facilitation and communication skills, excellent skill in writing good quality reports, and fluent in professional English,

Deadline and Submission of Documents:

1) Interested bidders should collect the ToR document from our office or may also request via; and can submit their CVs and technical & financial proposals to our bidding email   on or before December 4, 2020 – COB

  1. Proposals submitted by unqualified bidders, and those arriving later than the final submission date and time shall be rejected without further notice;
  2. Farm Africa for this task reserve the right to accept or reject any or all the proposals;
  3. Any Request for clarifications/enquiries can be forwarded to   or using the following address: Farm Africa Ethiopia Office Hussein Agraw Bldg. 6th floor, Kanzanchis, adjacent to Enat Bank

Tel. 011 557 3317, Fax- 011 557 3332.