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Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.C. Is Looking for Independent and Certified Auditors To Conduct An Annual Audit for Its Financial Statements of Fiscal Year 2019/20.

Bid invitation for Annual Audit Service 

Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.C. is looking for independent and certified auditors to conduct an Annual audit for its financial statements of fiscal year 2019/20. Therefore, interested bidders shall submit their proposal as per the following condition. 

1.The technical document should clearly include

  •  Renewed Trade license & professional license from the concerned authority 
  • VAT and TIN registration certificate
  • The firm’s minimum of 5 years past experience preferably on media and other service company.
  • The quality of the firm’s professional personnel to be assigned to the engagement and the quality of the firm’s management support personnel to be available for technical consultation. 

2. The financial document should consist 

  •  The quote price for the delivery of the audit service 
  • Commencement date of the audit work
  • Duration of audit work 

3. The firms will provide the audit report on the IFRS 

4. Bids must be submitted on or before July 02, 2020 until 10.00 A.M 

5. The firms will provide bid guarantee of 20,000 birr performance bond/CPO in separate Envelop. 

6. Technical & Financial proposal must be presented separately and in a sealed envelope. 

7. The bid will be opened at FBC Head office located around Black Lion Hospital 1st floor office number 104 at the preference of bidders or their legal representative on July 02, 2020 10:30 AM. 

8. FBC reserves the right to accept or reject the bid partly or totally. 

9. For additional information bidders can contact by the following address:+251 911 691357 +251 911 436907 +251 115504420 

Fana Broadcasting corporate S.C