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FAL General Contractor Now Invites Experienced Eligible Bidders in Road Marking Work, Which Fulfill the Sealed Bids for Road Marking Work



  1. FAL General Contractor has signed contract agreement with Addis Ababa City Roads Authority for the construction works of Package 34 Road Project, Lot 1: Bole Bulbula Quarry Entrance -Wereda 12 Intersection-Bulbula 40/60 Condominium Road Project and Package 9 Road Projects; Bole Ayat Site 1, 2, 3, 4 and Ayat Meri Site 4 Condominiums Housing Road Construction Projects (herein after called “the Projects”). FAL General Contractor intends to sublet road marking works of the projects to eligible bidders, experienced in road marking work, to ensure completion of road marking works within short time as per the requirements of the contracts.
  2. The projects are located in Addis Ababa, around Bole Bulbula 40/60 condominium housing and around Ayat 40/60 condominium sites. The work under this bid consists of thermoplastic road marking work for the projects including provision of all materials, plant (equipment), labor and other incidentals necessary for road marking work as per the Specifications of the projects. The period of road marking work for each project is 15 calendar days.
  3. FAL General Contractor now invites experienced eligible bidders in road marking work, which fulfill the following requirements, to submit sealed bids for road marking work mentioned in item(2):

The bidders shall have relevant experience in road marking work and have a certificate of registration from Ministry of Works and Urban Development renewed for 2013 E.C. and other appropriate documentary evidences demonstrating the bidder’s compliance which shall include:-

  • (I) Its trading license renewed for 2013 E.C;
  • (ii) Its tax clearance certificate valid at least at bid submission date that permits the bidder to participate in any public tender, and VAT registration certificate; and
  • (iii) Registration as supplier in the list of the mandated public body, i.e. Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency (PPPAA)

4. Bidding will be conducted through the Local Competitive Bidding (LCB) procedure, specified in the bidding documents, and is open to all eligible bidders. The detail qualification criteria are stated in the bidding document.

5. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents from FAL General Contractor at the address given below, from 8:30AM to 12:00 AM and 2:00PM to 5:00 PM from Mondays to Fridays and 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM on Saturday local time. A complete set of the bidding documents in English may be obtained by interested bidders on submission of a written application and presentation of the documents mentioned under item (3) above to the address below, effective as of October 29, 2020.

6. Bidders shall submit two envelopes, “Qualification Application & Bid Security” in one envelope and “Financial Bid” in the other envelope, the two envelopes shall be sealed in an outer envelope separately for each project. Bidders shall submit separate Bids for the two projects. Bidders shall submit one original and two copies of Technical and Financial Bids. Both Technical and Financial Bids shall be opened on the same day in the presence of bidders and financial bids will not be read out and the Contractor has the right for further negotiations with bidders, if necessary, on financial offers.

7. Bids must be delivered to the address below on/before November 10, 2020 at 2:30 P.M. Bids must be accompanied by a bid security in the amount of ETB 20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Birr) in the form of CPO. Bids not accompanied by bid security shall be rejected from further evaluation. Technical qualification information and Bid security of the bidders will be opened in the presence of bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at FAL General Contractor Head Office, on the final date and time of bid submission. Late bids will be rejected.

FAL General Contractor reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

Address: FAL General Contractor, Head Office, Construction Operations Department,

Yeka Sub City, Around Ayat area, GET Building, 5th floor,

Room No. 507,

Tel: +251 11 6 626357/+251 116633411/0+12741746