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Facilitator for Change (FC) Looking for a Consultant To Conduct a Study and Designof Small Scale Irrigation Development.

Facilitator for Change (FC)

Call for Consultancy

Facilitator for Change (FC) is a Local organization established in Ethiopia (in 1998), with the aim to facilitate the development process among disadvantaged communities and thereby to tackle the root causes behind child vulnerability. FC in collaboration with KNH/BMZimplementing a project called “SEWOH” nutrition security in Sekelaworeda (Amhara Regional state)

Currently, FC is looking for a consultant to conduct a study and design of small scale irrigation development. Interested bidders can collect the ToR from our office within 10 (Ten) consecutive working days of this advertisement and should submit their technical and financial proposals in a closed envelope during office hours to the address indicated below. The technical and financial proposals must be sealed separately and each should be marked clearly.


Facilitator for Change (Head Office)Tel. +251 11661 08 92/6621438Bole Kifle Ketema, Woreda 03 Kebele 05House NO. 584Near Woreda 17 Health CenterDjibouti street, Addis Ababa


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