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Ezana Mining Development PLC Invites Eligible Bidders To Submit Technical Specification and Their Financial Proposals in a Separate Sealed Envelope for the Geomembrane Welding Machine


  1. Our Company Ezana Mining Development PLC, Meli Goldmine has allocated Budget towards the cost of supply of the Geomembrane welding machine and mechanical workshop equipment Procurement Reference Number: MGP/054/2020&MGP/053/2020 
  2. Ezana Mining Development PLC now invites eligible bidders to submit technical specification and their financial proposals in a separate sealed envelope for the above-listed Item and bidders shall include the delivery time of the items with their proposal (the shorter delivery time is preferred): 
  3. The winning bidder will be the bidder with the least price and complies with the specification. To qualify for the award of contract, Bidder must fulfill the following qualification criteria; 
  • For 2012 E.C or 2019 G.C renewed Certificate of registration for supplying the above listed items; 
  • For 2012 E.C /2019 G.c renewed trading license 
  • Vat registration certificate and VAT clearance certificate 
  • Valid Tax Registration and clearance Certificate; . 
  • Bidders shall furnish bid security which is 2% from the total offered price and the bid security must be valid a minimum of sixty (60) days from the date of bid opening. 
  • 4. A complete set of Bidding Document in English may be collected by interested bidders upon payment of a non-refundable fee of birr 100 effective as of 02/082020 GC from the address below; 
  • 5. Contact person Mahari Gebru- Mekelle Tigray, Tel:+2510914746424 Addis Ababa,: Getachew Kasshun: Phone +251914753288 /+251118962742.
  • 6. Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders or their legal representatives who chose to attend in person at 3:00 PM on 21/08/2020 GC at Ezana Mining Development PLC at mekelle elala temben abyiadi road selam building 3rd flour
  • Tel no: +251930681854/+251914746424. 
  • For farther Information contact by Tel no +251930681854