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Ethiopian Muslims Development Agency/EMDA/ Intends To Hire a Consulting Firm

Invitation for Consulting service 

Ethiopian Muslims Development Agency/EMDA/ as a development wing of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council /EIASC/ has been implementing different government-led programs of the country since its establishment. In implementing the different project EMDA makes use of the EIASC structure in mobilizing Muslim religious leaders as an important strategy of impacting attitudinal and behavioral changes towards harmful traditional practices including FGM.

For the last three years, EMDA has been implementing the NORAD program in partnership with NCA and accomplished different awareness-raising workshops and training to Muslim religious leaders, youth leaders, women of faith groups, and other important stakeholders. Thus the program has been playing an important role in helping them change the awareness and attitudes of the community which they are influencing. 

Following the activities implemented so far, EMDA in partnership with NCA planned to implement a project: “Accelerating and Cementing Change towards the total abandonment of all forms of FGM and CEFM” under the NORAD program. In this project, progress review discussions with the regional and national level stakeholders, different refresher training and workshops, and consensus-building discussions among the Muslim religious leaders are planned to have paramount importance for the enforcement of legal protection to GBV.

Therefore, to effectively and professionally implement the project and able to attain the projects main goal, EMDA intends to hire a consulting firm that works throughout the implementation period of the project. Therefore, consulting firms that fulfill the following requirements are invited to apply and work with the US.


The consulting firm needs:

  1. to have professionals who have At least a Master’s Degree in Public Health(mph) Reproductive Health Health Care Management and other related fields of study
  2. a minimum of five years of professional experience in reproductive health and related programs in well-known NGO;
  3. the capability to effectively engage with Muslim religious leaders during discussions, trainings, and workshops.
  4. the capability to produce professional proceedings out of the different progress review meetings, discussions, and consensus-building workshops which is finally submitted to policymakers and EIASC higher officials:
  5. the capability to consult in producing the message to be communicated through brochures, TVs, and radios; and able to jointly design the training and discussion contents in a way to help meet the attainment of the project;

Other Requirements

  • Bidder shall submit a renewed current trade License, Tax clearance professionals can also submit their CV and supporting documents.
  • Bidders Should submit technical and financial proposals to Ethiopia Muslim development agency Addis Ababa Ethiopia on or before September 10, 2020, until 4:00 PM
  • The bid shall be closed on 10th of September, 2020at 4:30 PM
  • Ethiopia Muslim development Agency reserves the right to accept or reject any or bids at its own discretion

 How to Apply

Interested applicants can send their technical and financial proposals in sealed envelopes to Ethiopian Muslims Development Agency Addis Cherkos Sub-city Behind Miskel Flower near FGAETel:-+251-114664975/+251114664941/+251918233765/0911157763E-mail:- /mubseid@gmail. Fax:-+251-114664739 21839/1000