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Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC) Invites Competent Contractors’having Construction License on GC and BC with a Grade of 1 To 5 and Interested To Work with a Fixed-price Rate Set by the Corporation To Submit Sealed Prequalification Application for Expression of Interest





The Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation(ECWC) is a public enterprise established with the aim of becoming a leading, preferred, and competitive Construction Contractor in Road, Water, Building any other Civil Construction. Currently, The Corporation is interested in SubContracting of small structures and earthworks for its Building and Housing, Road and Bridges, water supply, Dam, and Irrigation construction projects.

Therefore, Ethiopian Construction works corporation (ECWC) invites competent contractors’having construction license on GC and BC with a grade of 1 to 5 and interested to work with a fixed-price rate set by the corporation to submit sealed prequalification application for expression of interest.

Brief Scope of Work

The main project activities to be carried out by subcontractors include small structures (small bridges, culverts, drainage structures Head regulator and cross regulator structures, Syphons and aqueducts, Inverted Syphons, Concrete Lining Work of MainCanal) and earthworks including excavation of various formations, compaction and car away from work under the dam, Irrigation, water supply, road and bridges, building, and housing construction projects. Detail speciation and quantity of works will be specified after the shortlisting of contractors depends on the nature of the project.

  1.  The Applicant is required to fulfill the following eligibility criteria;
  2. Applicants shall provide the statutory registration documents i.e. copies of TIN, VAT registration certificate, Tax Clearance, and Trade License which are renewed in the budget year.
  3. Demonstrate financial and organizational strength by attaching audited accounts for the last 3 years.
  4. Company profile which contains Historical background and Organizational Structure, Company experience in similar projects. List of heavy and Light Equipment and machinery owned or Leased with supporting documents.
  5. Current Financial Situation of the Company.
  6. The applicant must be category BC (grade 1 to5) and GC (grade 1 to 5) Construction License which has expressed interest to participate and has made available documentation of proven experience in similar construction works.

2.The applicant must have, in the past 5 years constructed at least one similar project in terms of the project scope and cost.

  1.  The applicants shall consider the following
  2. application procedures and documents;
  3. The applicant shall bear all costs related to the preparation and submission of this EOI. Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation shall in no case be liable or responsible for these costs regardless of the conduct and outcome of the election process
  4. Incorrect, incomplete, inadequate information may lead to rejection of the applications.
  5. . All documents must be submitted in EnglishLanguage.
  6. Applicants may be requested to clarify the submitted document,
  7. ECWC has the right to reject the application without communicating the contractor
  8. ECWC shall not provide an explanation for the applications related to the shortlisting and selection process. The decision of ECWC in this respect shall be final and binding on all applicants
  9. ECW shall not enforce to pay an advance payment for subcontractors
  10. Submission of documents shall as per the Terms ofReferences given in the EOI
  11. .Interested Applicants may obtain further

information at the address below; Project development centerWegen Solomon (Executive Officer)Tel: +251-118721049All applicants are requested to submit their expression of Interest with all completed documents in a plain sealed envelope clearly marked Expression of Interest for the Sub Contracting Works for Smallstructures and earthworks for its Building andHousing, Road and Bridges, water supply, Dam and irrigation construction projects. Independently by the address below and EOI Response Deadline will be on November 2, 2020 at 10:00 AM

ECWC Head office, Gurd sholaCorporate procurement main Department officeAbudulkadr Redewan Executive Officer

Tel No.: 251+0118962991/011 8 67 80 89/011 8 72 30 86

The Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC)