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Environment Forest and Climate Change Commission Would Like To Invite Eligible Consultancy Bidders To Undertake Forestry Action Intelligence and Stakeholder Mapping Analysis

Invitation for Bid

Environment forest and climate change commission would like to Invite eligible consultancy bidders to undertake forestry action Intelligence and stakeholder mapping analysis at federal and regional Level up on fulfilling the following terms and conditions:

  1. Abider must have relevant trade license, vat, tin number and tax clearance certificate
  2. The interested bidder could purchase the bid document with payment Of birr 50 from environment forest and climate change Commission block 2 office 410 starting from the date of Announcement for consecutive 15 days and submit the document Within the above time limit until the tender box closed
  3. Bidder submit their technical and financial offer separately Including 2000 birr CPO bid security
  4. Tender box closed at the end date of the announcement at 2:00 Pm (afternoon)
  5. Bid will be open at the end date of the announcement at 2:30 pm (Afternoon) in the presence of interested bidders
  6. The commission has the right to cancel the whole or part of the Bid

Environment Forest and Climate Change Commission

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