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Engineering Corporation of Oromia Intends To Sublet Part of the Consultancy Works of Different Secondary Schools in Oromia Region at Different Sites

Invitation to Open Bid (NCB)

For Consultancy Service

Procurement Reference Number ECO-03/2013

To: All Consulting architects and Engineers of Category III and above with valid License for the current year Engineering Corporation of Oromia (ECO) has secured budget and now intends to sublet part of the consultancy works of different Secondary Schools in Oromia Region at different sites. The consultancy works include Design review, Supervision and Contract Administration of the following projects assorted in different lots.

  • LOT-1 Bale, East Bale, Robe (7 High Schools)
  • LOT-2 Arsi, West Arsi, Shashemene, Asela (10 High Schools)
  • LOT-3 West Shewa, South West Shewa, Woliso (8 High Schools)
  • LOT-4 East Wollega, Hora-Guduru Wollega, Nekemte (7 High Schools)
  • LOT-5 West Wollega, Qellem Wollega (8 High Schools)
  • LOT-6 Jima, Buno Bedele, Ilu Aba-Bor (10 High Schools)
  • LOT-7 East and West Harerge (8 High Schools)
  • LOT-8 Guji, East Guji and Borena (9 High Schools)

Therefore, ECO would like to invite eligible, capable and experienced consulting firms that can be expected to perform the aforementioned projects within time and quality desired.

Requirements: –

  1. 1. At least the following evidence shall be fulfilled by the bidders
    • I. Renewed Business License
    • II. Taxpayer Identification (Tin) certificate
    • III. Value-added Tax (VAT) certificate
    • IV. Tax Clearance
    • V. Professional License and any other related documents
  2.  Bidding shall be conducted in accordance with the open national tender procedure and is open to all Consulting architects and Engineers of Category III and above with renewed license for 2013 EFY.
  3. Bidders must submit sealed bids for providing the necessary services and any other necessary requirements for the design review, supervision and contract administration of the aforementioned projects.
  4. Each prospective bidder proposing to bid for this project must be eligible fulfilling the requirements of the particular instruction of the project.
  5. The bidders shall provide bid security that must be payable on demand to the employer in the form of CPO or unconditional bank Guarantee amounting to ETB 5,000.00 (Five Thousand) for each project valid  for at least 90 calendar days.
  6. A Complete set of bidding documents may be purchased by any interested eligible bidder from the above office upon payment of a nonrefundable fee birr 100.00 for each from address indicated below.
  7. Bidders shall submit their technical and financial proposals to Engineering Corporation of Oromia 3rd floor on or before November 03, 2020 morning 10:00 AM, Technical (Original and Copy) and Financial (Original and copy) proposals shall be sealed separately.
  8. Bid shall be opened on the same date at 10:30 AM morning at ECO hall in the presence of the bidders or their representatives.
  9. All bids must include 15% VAT on the summary of the Price.
  10. Late submission of the bid will be rejected.
  11. ECO reserves the right to reject all or part of the bids, to waive information, to advertise for new bids, or to proceed and do the work otherwise as may be for its best interest.

Address: – Akaki- Kalitti Sub-city located in front of Kalitti Drivers and Mechanics Training Center near CCRDA

Tel. +251 11 439 21 62 +251 11 439 22 10/+251 11 439 10 58