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Engender Health Would Like To Invite Individual Consultants To Engage in the Development of FP Service Integration Guide


Engender Health Inc., Ethiopia Office is a leading global women’s health organization and is legally re-registered with the Agency for Civil Society Organizations under license no. 1233. Engender Health would like to invite individual consultants to engage in development of FP service integration guide. The programme is part of a partnership between Ethiopian Mol, and aims to improve quality, equity, choice and financing for comprehensive family planning and safe abortion services in Ethiopia. The consultant will work closely with MoH , FPbC Project, and Engender Health . The consultant also required to communicate frequently with MoH.

Interested qualified individual consultants can collect the Term of Reference from Engender Health office starting from October 27,2020 during office working hours (Morning 8:30am 12:30 pm and Afternoon 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm) and submit their Technical and Financial Proposals in a separate sealed envelope duly marking the envelopes as “Technical” and ” Financial” proposals.

The document must be delivered to the address below in the bid box prepared for this purpose. The deadline for submission is Oct 30, 2020 @ 4:00 pm in the afternoon.

Note: If the consultant is an individual without a firm license, 30% withholding tax will be dedicated from the payment.

Engender Health Inc., Ethiopia Office, reserves the right to accept or reject all or parts of the bids at any time without assigning any reason or reasons whatsoever.

Engender Health Inc.,

Ethiopia Office

Bole Sub City, Kebele 02, Infront of Abegaz Tower Djibouti Road

Tel: 251-116-63 08 33, P.O.Box: 156, code 1110

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia